Sunday, March 1, 2009

What I'm still 29.........YIPPY!!!!!!

I LOVe how when you have birthdays the age thing seams to stay the same. Isn't this a great thing!!!
Okay, I know I'm 32...... Yes I said 32.
How does this happen. Okay really I am over it!!! sigh
So tonight as we celebrated this 32ND birthday with my father in law's ummmm 40Th;).....(yep he was 7 when Brian was born) :0 I was not feeling to well from this all too rollercoastering week. My head was pounding and this migraine that thinks we are best friends refuses to pack up and LEAVE, all the little chillans watched with much anticipation as Grandpa opened all the envelopes with the hand made gifts from the grand kids. so cute to watch each one of them tell each other who's card was who's. I opened mine from my EVER WONDERFUL mother in law and then sat with an envelope with the word Tifani on it. It was from my EVER WONDERFUL husband. It was our flight information to New York City. After i pulled my chin of my lap and wiped away some tears I read on and we are going to a Broadway show of my choice. HOLY CRAP, did I say HOLY CRAP!!!!! I have wanted to go to NYC my whole life and see a Broadway show !!!! This is the best. I am so excited we leave wed night to drive to Phoenix. Shamoms we might need a place to crash for the night, then our flight leaves at 6:15am Thursday morning. I can't believe it.
Then I came home took a very warm bath (with NYQUIL in my system of course) and shaved my legs. You mom's know what an accomplishment that is. I even used my Birthday Cake shower Gel from Philosophy. If you haven't experienced this it is a must. I came out to my husband vacuuming the family room floor then cleaning the kitchen. As i type, this sweet sweet husband of mine is cleaning the kitchen counter tops. WOW!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. This has been a very good day. Another year down, clean house, Bath, shaved legs,kids in bed by hubby, church, my dad home and getting better, phone calls from siblings, NYQUIL........Good night everyone It's an end to a great great day.I love you!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses


Wendy said...

Yea!!! So glad you had another wonderful 29th birthday! What a sweet husband. Meanwhile, mine is asleep. He and the kids have all been battling colds this week so I've been kind of a one-woman show. Guess I'd rather take that than a cold...

Enjoy your fabulous trip! Can't wait to hear which Broadway show you go to and how everything else goes!

Happy birthday!

The Cluff's said...

I am so so so excited for you guys! You are going to have so much fun in NYC. My two favorite broadway shows are Wicked and Momma Mia, in case you wanted some suggestions :)

Have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to take you to lunch when you get back to hear all about it! Happy Birthday!

Becca Sue said...

Glad you had a great birthday! Thats exciting about your trip!

Steph said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! NYC is by far the most exciting place to be! Please, please take this one piece of advice...NO CHAIN RESTARUANTS! You can not go wrong with the food there. You may come back 5 lbs heavier but it is sooooo worth it! The pasta at the little italian dives is absolutely the best ever! Buy a cool purse, don't let them take you into any back rooms to get a real "Prada"-very dangerous and they will try. Stay up late, sleep in and have fun, fun, fun!!! Oh, by the way, don't be surprised when your $300 a night room is a closet. Everything is cramped and small in Manhattan. Oh, I am so excited for you! Someday we need to have a "girl trip" to Manhattan. Wouldn't that be a blast?!

Steph said...

By the way, I saw Phantom of the Opera. It wasn't that great. The cast was burned out. We saw Le Miserables in Philly, the show had just come off Broadway. I was amazing! We saw it again in Dallas and I was blown away the second time. If you can catch a showing of that it is so worth it!

Cheryl said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Sorry that your sick and your trip has to be postponed. What play are you going to see?? Wicked is one of my favorites!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! Sending you lots of love.