Thursday, December 27, 2007


We had a really fun CHRISTMAS! I hate that I left my digital camera at my moms the night before so most of the pictures that i have are with my video camera and i don't know how do post them yet!!! SO this is all I have for right now! But none the less we really enjoyed this! All the kids were really into it this year and it was so fun to watch the girls get Doyle so excited about santa coming! Brian always gets on the internet and tracks where Santa is and he told Cambry that santa was in Cuba so she better get in bed and stay there! Cambry went running into the room and told Kaely with so much excitement that Santa was in cuba!! Like she even knew where Cuba was!! It was so funny. We also died laughing when we went to the table where the kids had but the cookies and milk and found a five dollar bill and some change! I think they tried to butter him up to the bitter end!!! Kids are so cute and I love that I can share these sweet memories with all of you!! Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas! We love you all!!! The cluffs

It's a ....................Horse?

For Christmas this year David and Christi got the grandkids a miniture horse and this is as big as it will get! The kids had a blast riding this and Cambry told Amy while on the ride that she dreamed of this her whole life! Cute huh! The kids love going over to grandma and grandpa's and mimi and papa's houses!

Kaely's Baptism Day!!!!

This was such a special day for her! It was so neat to see Brian baptize his first daughter. They grow up so fast and I can't believe how big she is. I love her so much!!!

Hawaii 2006

Brian surprised me with a trip to Hawaii last Christmas and we had a blast! From a Helicopter ride in Hilo, Hawaii to biking 22 miles down a mountain in maui and having a romantic dinner on our Anniversary on our ship it couldn't have been a better time to spend with eachother! I love my husband and I feel so blessed to have him. we have been married 10 years and I hope and pray the next ten are just as awesome as the first 10! He is such an amazing person and I love watching him with our kids and am so glad that they have him as an example!


"Bubba D" is such a Boy and we love every minute of it! He is 3 yrs old now and really enjoys being able to go to preschool this year! He LOVES trucks and the movie CARS and has now found an interest in TRAINS. He keeps us laughing and idolizes his dad! We had to buy him work boots just like his dad's and every morning he asks if he can wear his "WORK DA BOOTS":) he got a big boy bike for christmas and loves to be outside all the time either riding that or helping dad around the house!


"Toad" is our little cowgirl and loves everything about horses. She is so spunky and there is never a dull moment when Cambry is around! She loves to be in charge and is so full of life! She helps with Doyle and loves to play "mother hen" with him! She learned how to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time a few days ago and loves to ride her new bike! For Christmas this year she asked for a real puppy and a real horse! she is in Kindergarten and loves to write and read! She loves playing with her friends! She has such a sensitive heart and is always wanting to do what is right even if it is really really hard!


Kaely Sue is 8 yrs old and in the 3rd grade. She loves dance, soccer and babysitting her cousins! She is such a girly girl and loves to get into mom's makeup and wear purfume! This year for her 8th birthday her Aunt Shawna took her to get her ears pierced ( with moms consent of course) and loves being able to wear earrings!