Saturday, December 31, 2011

and the Merry 1 Sea World

The night before we took the kids to eat at Denny's, the only place open on Christmas Day. Miss Kiersten's hand started really swelling and turning purple so Becky and Justin took her to the nearest ER to have her cast cut!!!!!poor thing was sooo brave!
So the next day we stayed close and decided to take the kids to Sea World!!!! Fabulous plan, we had a blast!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

And a Merry Christmas it was..........

Santa came one day early this year so we could take a little family vacay with our Cluff cousins. It was a blast and just what we needed to end this year!!!We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve morning and then got packed and left for Phoenix! We were a little held up on the departure as we had to find out if Kiersten was going to need surgery for the broken arm she got that morning from riding her new rip stick!!! She was a friggin rock star and did so well!!! we got to Phoenix around 10pm and woke up and left for San Diego on Christmas day!!! It was a fun trip switching cousins back and forth during the ride!!!
I drove the whole way there!!! they call me the HOTT taxi driver!!!! HAHAHAHA
Me driving VERY safely while also being the photogragher!!! I am also awesome at multi tasking
Me and Becky during our pee stop in Yuma!!!!
The kids were so excited to get out of the car

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Words of comfort and peace that are getting me' through!
It's all in how you look at it!!!

I'm a pain in my own.......bones

Just when I think the pain is getting better it gets worse! If im suppose to learn patience or humility from all of this, I get it, I do!!! Just let me get some relief for Heaven sakes!! K maybe I need to work on it a little more! 10 vials of blood drawn today so results to come!