Wednesday, July 13, 2011

washington day was a doozy...but so cool

Kaely almost passed out at the security check point so we had her in the stroller with Bryn the whole time and the minute we hit the plane she was asleep on Cam, Cambry was such a trooper to let her sleep on her for 2 hours!!

Bryn was seriously the BEST baby ever!!! she was soooo good on the flight up!!!

Doyle was a trooper also. right after this pic I threw my phone at Brian and jumped up cause he started throwing up!!! Poor kid

Benedryl in the bottle with the juice will do it everytime. she slept the whole time.
and yes that was okay'd by my Dr.
Here we are after getting the rental car that was too small for all of us and our luggage but once we got rid of the luggage it fit us perfectly!!! The drive from Seattle to Wenatchee was amazing, we couldn't get over how full and lush the trees were. It was goregous!! Doyle had thrown up that morning at 4:30 while waiting in the parking lot for the shuttle! then again on the plane which distracted me and I think I left my camera bag, with the camera and 3 lens's and full of pics on it. I am sick about it!

So Brian is proud of this pic, he loved seeing the construction going's how he roll's!

This is coming up Shawna and Ben's road to their house, at the top on the left is their house and the kids were out in the road waving hystarically as we pulled in!!! We were all so excited

I don't think they knew how to contain themselves and as soon as I got out of the car I jumped all over them......I miss them soooo much! we couldn't believe how cool it was there! 75 was the high the first day we were there!!! it was amazing!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


the top pic shows the best color the yellow really is! I am in the process of painting the major rooms in my house this color!! I love it
my little office space

Holy organization!!! she is amazing
So we are back from Washington and we had a blast!! I will blog about that in a bit but first I have to show you what I came home to!
I freaked out!!!!!
Amanda my sweet sweet friend surprised me with an office makeover while I was in Washington and I LOVE IT!!!!!
I just find myself sitting in here, it is so amazing! The yellow in that last photo looks really bright but you get the jist of it!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy fourth of July (America and Benji)

Pics and Posts to come of fun decorations and a birthday bash with some of my favorite peeps!!!