Friday, February 27, 2009

This was taken last week at his surprise party

Dad had a heart attack on Tuesday and was flown to TMC! It was so scary and amazing all at the same time. We all feel so blessed that it all went the way it did. He had a precedure done where they go up into the artery in his groin and it goes up a shoots dye into his heart so they can find where the damage was. They said that there was some (crud) in one of his 3 ateries and that it was taken care of with the precedure. all the other tests came back good a couple days later and I was able to drive him and my mom home today!!! I can't believe how lucky and blessed we feel! Heather, Trevor, Shawna and C.J met us at TMC and we loved the time we had together to pull from eachother and lean on one another. I love my family so much and as hard as it was to be there for that reason we have all commented how much we all needed that family one on one time with just the syblings and no kids. We missed Rex and wish he could have been there but it was nice to talk to him on an hourly basis.!!
It has been one emotional rollercoaster after another but I have felt the Lord's had and comfort from the start. Thank you to my wonderful husband and amazing Bishop for the blessing he recieved in the ER. It was just what we all needed to hear.!!! WE love you!!! I will post pics as soon as I can get them off my mom's phone!! I love you all!!!!
hugs and kisses

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ANTICIPATION!!!!!!!! It's killing me.......

So last night my sweet husband informed me that I need to get things in order or whatever it is that I do cause for my birthday on Sunday (which I thought was still 2 weeks away) he is taking me somewhere that requires catching a flight on Thursday morning!!
Why couldn't he tell me like tomorrow I thought to myself, and then it hit me. He is the most thoughtful person cause he knew that I wouldn't be able to leave with the house messy and clothes not done!! He has even taken care of how the kiddos are to be taken care of. Thanks so much to his wonderful mother. I will never be able to ever repay her for all that she has done for us!!! I will let you all know on Thursday where we are heading!!! I can't stand it!!!
I have the BEST husband ever. I love you Honey!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dad's SURPRISE work party!!!!!!

We had a surprise party for dad at the bowling alley bar............
Thanks Amy for putting this together! Dad's secretary Amy and Dad

The YUMMY carrot cake

Me and Dad and the "BOSS"

Dad blowing out his candle!!! It was a fun work party....hope you enjoyed it!!! Love ya Dad

Friday, February 20, 2009

FOR THE LOVE........

I use this statement when something is really annoying me and well today it is a headcold that is kickin my trash. I started with it last night. The throbbing head, runny nose, being cold ALL the time, (no chills)thankgoodness!!
Poor bubba D is being subjected to movie after movie and thank goodness after lunch my dear friend Janelle is taking him so he can play with his best friend Jack. I hate feeling under the weather. But it doesn't happen all too often so I can deal with this and to top it off my monthly visitor came yesterday too. REALLY, can't your body check in with itself to make sure there's not to many visitors at one time. UUUUGGGGG!!! Love you all

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cambry's party....journaling but enjoy (ton's of pics)

Cam's party was so fun. We did a horse pinata and then everyone wrote one wish and one thing they were thankful for and we put them in balloons and then let them go. The kids loved that!!!

We hid stuff in hay and they had to find it!

Then we took pictures on make shift horses...Ashley

Bubba D







Cowboy Brian

Here they all are letting their balloons go

up up and away....

This was her decorations inside

I loved this note that Kaely gave her with 7 bucks in it!!! Cute HUH :)

The wish letters I made....

I love this...she's thought really hard.....and long

Bubba D after his cupcake....can you tell

Me and Brian with our BIG 7 year old....Holy cow how time flies

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cody's Baptism!!!

We went to Taylor on Saturday, Valentine's Day, for Cody's baptism!!! It was fun to be with the fam for a couple of days.

This is some of the dessert that I got while there!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

Hebbie and Trevor!!!

The CUTEST couple out there!!!!! Love ya Cheej and Amber Y

The Birthday BOY

Y Valentine's gift

The Gila Valley Arizona Temple groundbreaking

This was so neat to go and see! I had never been to a groundbreaking before and it was awesome. To think that we won't have to make a day out of attending the Temple. We'll have one of our own right in our backyard. WE are so excited. This Temple is going to be small but so so beautiful I can't wait

This was President Neil Anderson!! He and his wife Sis. Anderson were so neat!!
This is what our Temple will look like!!

I love that the shovels are gold

Me and Brian!! It was freazing that morning. When we got there at 7:00am it was 26 degrees. we were so cold but it was worth it!!

Cambry turns 7!!!!!!!!

On Feb 13th Cambry turned 7 years old! I can't believe that she is 7 already! She woke up to a room filled with balloons and streamers hanging from her door. She loved it! Then we did pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. SHe was in 7th heaven (get it) ;)

SHe was so fun to watch that morning. SHe felt like the star of the show the whole day! Her dad and I took her to lunch and she loved getting checked out of school for that!!!

Love ya Toad!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bubba D Bakes!!!

So Doyle thought it would be a good Idea to make his dad a cookie. He said it had to "Be da Best" He disappeared into his room for a while and when he came into me this is what he had!!!

Then he put the cookie down and said "mom, now just take a cute picture of me without my dad cookie" and yes it is a cute pic even with his marty allen hairdo in the back. love it!! isn't he delish!!!
A cookie with a tractor on it!!!! I'd say that was "da best" ya think!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forever.......Thinking of ME!!!!

I was in the office this morning doing my daily blogging (chores were done of course) NOT;)
and this yummy little boy walked in a says "Mom, I am filling these up for you so you don't have to when you cook today" I laughed then mooched on him a little then thought to myself, am I cooking today? I am now, are you kidding!!!!!

Jammies,check apron,check cutest little boy ever

Then I mooched on him some more......The End