Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cody's Baptism!!!

We went to Taylor on Saturday, Valentine's Day, for Cody's baptism!!! It was fun to be with the fam for a couple of days.

This is some of the dessert that I got while there!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

Hebbie and Trevor!!!

The CUTEST couple out there!!!!! Love ya Cheej and Amber Y

The Birthday BOY

Y Valentine's gift


The Truschke Three-O said...

I can't believe he's eight! I thought maybe you messed up or somethin'! JK We need another bar-b-que with the secret steak sauce...SOON! Love ya! PS I've never had a pedicure...will you go with me sometime?

Kamala Crockett said...

I love seeing Amber and CJ together! It just makes me so happy!

Sue said...

It was an amazing time together and I can't believe it either, Amy, that Cody is 8!!!!
I also am so excited about Cheej and Amber, about dang time!!!!
I love you all, and Amy the three of us or many also Auntie Perfect need to go together and get a pedicure!!! Come down, Camilla and we will all go!!!!!
I love you all!!

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