Monday, May 24, 2010

A few more pics of the Prophet

The "Original" crew, this is who we started out with and then it just grew and grew!!!
Brian Dad and Me and Brynlee talking to President Eyring!!! He is a neat neat man! And so dedicated to the Prophet!! He is so sincere
Here is President Monson giving Cambry a high five
Then he kept a hold of her hand! This was when she told me she would never wash that hand again! He is so sweet, and he loves kids!!!
Me talking with President Eyring! He was telling about the Temple and what a blessing it will be in our lives!!! He thanked Brian again here for the work they did!!
This was Elder Holland trying to get me to understand just how fast they all had to stop, he was sure there was going to be a 5 car pile up and that it was going to end up in the church news for sure!!! I love this man!!!
President Monson was so cute!!!

I was so afraid that he was going to lose his footing and fall back, he was a little tippsy when they first arrived, we later learned that they had a pretty rough flight over!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We thank thee for every blessing, bestowed by thy bountious hand....

Here is President Monsons Jet as they flew into the Safford Airport!
The cars of the motorcade abruptley stopping Elder Jeffery R. Holland was in this car
The motorcade as it was coming down the hill towards us
He kept telling the kids "I'll come to you" Stay there I'll come to you"

Me talking to Elder Holland, he is by far one of my favorite General Authorities!!! What a sweet sweet man he is
Kaely and Jacob looking on as President Monson laughs with Mom and Dad, Christi has just got done telling him the story of when she was just 12 yrs old she had to speak in Stake Conference in Utah and he was the speaker with her, after her talk he told mom in front of everybody that she could come and live at the Monson house if she was ever kicked out of her house, and without skipping a beat he said, "well, are you ready!!"
Here he is shaking Kaely's hand
Cam thought this was the coolest thing, he took Kendall's hat and tried it on,

Our family with President Monson ~ Logan, Becky, President Monson, Brynlee, me, Doyle and Brian and Kaely & Cam in front!!! What a neat experience this was and such a testimony builder.

What a special weekend.....One I'll never forget

We are dedicating the Gila Valley Arizona Temple today and what a special day it is!
Yesterday as the kids and I along with other family and friends waited to greet President Monson and his motorcade as they drove down airport road the kids (and adults) were so excited to see the cars coming down the hill with them inside, we were waving and waving and all of a sudden president Monson's car pulls off the road causing all the other cars following to slam on their breaks and Vere off the road too! HE GOT OUT!!! Waving his arms in the air he walked across the street where we were all standing and began to shake all of our hands and give out hugs, President Eyring and Elder Holland were there also along with Elder Walker of the Quarm of the Twelve Apostles. It was so neat to talk to Elder Eyring and tell him of our experience working on the Temple and as he grabbed Brian's shoulder and shook his other hand he expressed his heartfelt gratitude of the work they did and what they put in to it!!! He thanked him and Brian said later that that was so neat cause no one has ever said "Thank You " before! It was so neat!!! We also found out that he was good friends with Grandpa Doyle and when Elder Eyrings dad passed away Nanny went and spent a few weeks with his stepmom and helped her. When Becky and I were standing next to him to him he asked Brian are these the wives of the Cluff boys and we said "yes", I love that man he was so neat to talk to and just feel of the love he had for us, it was so so neat!!!! We stood there in the middle of Airport Rd on Doyle Cluff Pkwy for 20-25 mins as we listened to stories that Pres. Monson had to share and as he told Tallie Brinkerhoff that the yellow shirt she was wearing was his favorite color!!! He told Kiersten who was holding baby Jordan that he could tell she would make a great mother some day, cause she really had the patting the bum thing down, The kids were in AAAWWWW! as were we! I got to talk a little to Elder Holland and he is a remarkable man! I can't believe the spirit that was felt yesterday! It is amazing to me that you can feel that anytime anywhere as strong as we did!!!! They kept trying to get him back in the car cause it was sooooo hot, but he would just look at them and say "leave me alone, or completely walk in opposite direction they were standing, it was so funny!!! As he turned to leave we all started to sing We thank thee oh God for a Prophet and he joined in along with President Henry B, Eyring, Elder Jeffery R. Holland and Elder walker the secret service were even singing! It was so cool!!! When they finally got him to go they were holding on to his arm to help him across the street and he pulled his arm away and said "I can do it" then proceeded to walk the yellow line one foot in front of the other and turned and said " I'm doin it I'm doin it, I still got it"!!! Then he got in the car and drove off!!! Brian and I were saying last night that we are still in shock and we can't wait to get the pictures so we can blow then up poster size and put them all over the house ;)
This is to be an experience that will probably never happen again in our lifetime! We stressed just how rare that was for this to happen to our kids and that they should write this experience in their journals of what they remember!!! One thing that I thought was so funny was after President Monson shook Cambry's hand and gave her a hug she told me "mom, I never want to wash this hand again!!!! It was too cute!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Doyle Graduates!!!!!

Doyle had his Preschool Graduation and this time he really did graduate!!! He goes on to Kindergarten in August! He has loved Miss Kristen's preschool, don't think it has anything to do with her bein his Aunt either ;) Thank you KIKI for a fun year!!!

Doyle and Maliya did the whole Caterpillar book for me in Sign Language! They were awesome!!!

Family Home Evening!!!!

The other night for Family Night we took the kids bowling and they had a blast!! Doyle and Cam kicked booty!!! Doyle kept getting strikes it was so funny!!!!

Hope you're havin a good day.......I am

I love this little girl!!!!

Wendy and Paisley visit.... we miss u guys

My dear friend Wendy and Paisley came for a visit on this week! It was so good to see them and wished it could have lasted longer!!!
Wendy and Brynlee
Paisley was adorable and when she was done with Bryn she would just push her off and be on to something else, it was so funny!!!
SO sweet

Happy Mother's Day

This amazing Strawberry dipped bouquet was my MIL's Mother's Day gift from my ever talented Sis in Law Becky!!! It was so good!
Brynlee gettin so chunky!!!
Our little family
Me and THE greatest husband in the world!!! I love you hunny
little feet
just chillin

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kaely's 11

this is the cutest bunch of girls!!! Kaely has the funnest friends!!!

Here we all are playing the lifesaver on a toothpick game!! It was so funny to watch all these girls

Kaely and Shellby racing
Brooke and Makenzie racing
Sexy pose!!!!
Kaely's bestie Brooke Layton
The doughnut game!!! They we so hilarious!!!
Charlotte Peterson
Erin Hackett
They had to open a box of candy that Becca wrapped like 50 x's with duct tape and wrapping paper. BUT, they had to do it with oven mits on and 2 knives (butter Knives)
Kiersten's face were hilarious!!! I was dying laughing. she is just like her mama, a party!!!!

She was so excited about this gift!!! Yep, Kaely sue is now Shaving her legs, someone slap me please!!!

Happy Birthday KSue we love you!!!!!