Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is Why we do this thing called "parenting"

I love love love this little boy and here is just a reminder of why!!!
Mom~ "Doyle would you please help mom pick up the front room so I can vacuum."
D~ " Sure Mom, I will also clean my whole room for you too"
Mom~ " You will, You are the sweetest boy EVER, You are Awesome"
D~"For you mom, I will do anything"
Okay so I wanted to just sit down and cry, this is it, this is why we have kids and why we love them so much!! I never want to forget that, even at 2 am while I am up feeding Bryn.


anna said...

it's good you documented it, now you have proof that he said it when he's fifteen! ;) what a sweetie!

Arabeth said...

What a sweet kid. If he keeps it up he will make some lucky girl the happiest girl in the world.

lizh_1989 said...

awe what a little cutie!!!!

lizh_1989 said...

awe what a little cutie!!!!

Jenny Sue said...

oh my heck! What a great kid!! I can't wait to see him in July!!

Erin Hackett said...

oh my gosh that is just so cute! he is such a good boy and probably such a big help with the baby!