Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love love love Becky!!!!!!!

For Valentine's Day we are giving my mother in law this array of pics to her!! These turned out so dang cute I can't wait to do one for myself of just my kids! I am so excited
It goes (starting from the top left) Grant, Cambry , Jacob, Kiersten, Ashley, Doyle, Maddie, Jordan, Kaely, Maliya, Jared, Katelynn and Logan and Hunter in the middle! I think it turned out adorable! If you want pics taken give her a call she is the BEST, you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kaely.....I love you

Tonight I am not feeling so hot! My knee hurts and well I am frankly tired of being in a pregnant state! We got home from Becky's taking more pics(can't wait to show you these) and I am tired! Still have homework to do and baths and it feels like it's 10:30pm. We came in the door and Kaely bless her little heart dished up the kids dinner and as I type this just brought me a plate of food and asked if there was anything else that she could get for me! I feel like sometimes I am really grouchy and don't stop to see all the positive going on around me, I am grateful for this special girl in my life who is a great help to me, I am thankful for my three beautiful children that I have been blessed with and all the happiness they bring to me! Sure it's not always peaches and cream but I need to stop more and look at all the things around me that bring me happiness and that is my family!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cambry's Photo Shoot!!!!!!

My Awesome sis in law Becky took these pics for me last night so I could start getting things done for Cambry's baptism and this was just a preview of what took place at her studio last night! Thank you Bec so much for this!
Cambry is so excited to be getting baptised she can hardly stand it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Me and Bubba D

This was at Doyle's program he had for school and I am just getting around to posting about it!!!
I love my little man! He is getting so dang big and I hate it! I wish we could keep them in a bubble for ever at this age. I love how he loves to get dirty with dad, but at the days end he is all mama's boy. He tells me all the time just randomly, "mom, I love you, You are my favorite mom"
Funny story that I was going to have a picture to go with but decided against taking the photo out of embarrasment for him, He sleeps with Brian and I on most nights without us knowing about him coming in of course and the other night He wet our bed, I was so mad, when I figured out that one my water hadn't broke and two Brian hadn't done it, but Doyle was fast asleep in the middle of us mostly on my side thank you very much, but when Brian figured it out too he jumped up and turned on the light, we both looked at the bed and I kid you not there was a perfect wet spot on the sheet that was the shape of a huge HEART!!!!! Is that love or what!!!!

Our rainbow......

This was the view from my house yesterday afternoon. It had rained ALL day and this is what was waiting to come out after all of it!!!! I love how big it was

Dad and Doyle go huntin......

It was so cute this morning how badly Doyle wanted to go hunting with Brian. He was so excited when his dad told him he could go!!!! He loves being with his dad

Here they are gettin ready for the trip
and here are the dogs......they look excited don't they!!!
Duke and Dozer are in the top cage and Ridge and Gus are in the bottom one

Friday, January 22, 2010

I love these kind of mornings........

Bubba D and I had so much fun making molasses cookies this morning! He is at such a fun age to cook with and he loves every minute of it! He was so stinkin cute to watch as he cooked in his dad's CKC shirt that he loves to wear to bed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What more can I say.....I have the greatest friends in the WhOlE WIdE world!! My dear friend Janelle is taking time out of her morning to come and help me take down my Snowmen who are still lingering around my cabinets. I love this women and all she does for me. Her smile is contagious and she makes you feel so good about yourself!! Thanks So much to all my friends, I love you all!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brian started P90X....should I be worried

As I was blog surfing this morning I came across this cute blog and this girl said that she was blog surfing herself (nothing to do with pic of course) but this pic popped up and her son was sitting in the bath and saw the picture and said to her "hey, that is my daddy" How funny is that Can you imagine how uncomfortable it must be to do most things being this obnoxiously big.
I think I need to have a little talk with Brian.......Things can really get a little to out of hand!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's Christmas.....FiNaLLy

Grammie told the kids this year that when she was a little girl she would make up a skit to put on for her parents Christmas eve night and that helped take up sometime on Christmas Eve to make the day go by faster. So Kaely wrote the play and they put it on for us that night. It was so funny to watch Doyle pretend to read off the paper, the girls had to whisper to him what his line was..

Christmas Eve night
A very excited Cambry..... The Wii was a big hit this year
Dad bein Hot
Doyle and his Leapster, he loves this thing
Cam so excited again
Kaely just opened her Nintendo DS........Just what she asked for
Lip Sync'n with the Wii
Toad just bein cute
I love his face
The kids opening their gift from Mom and Dad, we surprised them with a trip to Lakeside where we rented a cabin and Brian took the girls Snowboarding up at Sunrise ski resort!!

Thanksgiving post in Jan........oops

SO my computer has been on the fritz, but I guess 300 virus's would do that don't ya think, thanks again Justin you are AWESOME!!!!!!
I am just getting Christmas and the last month blogged about! I have lived out of my car (literally) for the past week sooooooo blogging has been put on the back burner!
Let's start with Thanksgiving,

Doyle helping Sydney put on her cute
Our MEAN game of fun
Heather had to have a MuMmY face till her turn again. It was so Funny
I had to wear something with a chin strap till my next turn...we laughed till we cried
Me and Shamoms taking pictures of eachother

Me and my favorite Dad
Me and Shamoms ( I look so fat cause I am 4 1/2 months prego with Brynlee)

What to do........

So today I thought that I would take the kiddos (cause I have shawna's 2 kids staying with us) to the park and pack a picnic but awoke this morning to rain!!!! It's a good thing the Wii is a favorite right now and they don't bore to quickly with it! Plus they love sharing games with the Leapsters and DS. I think I might do a movie later too! or drug em all and I can take a nap (JK) Haven't quit figured it all out but I do know that today will consist of a Sonic run and a Diet Dr. Pepper!!!! Those just seem to make the day more bareable!!! Fun Fun

Friday, January 15, 2010

Days gone by....

I hate that I have let a few days go by without blogging but the computer is sitting in Justin's office and needs to be fixed.... REALLY bad That thing is soooooooo slow!!! I will be back to posting pics soon, hopefully. thanks Justin for helping me out with this, even though he'll probably never see this post, I appreciate all his help with this!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tis another day...........yippppppyyyy

Cam and mom 2008
I feel like taking on the world in the mornings (after I've had my bowl of mini shredded wheat of course) I am excited to see what I can accomplish on this crisp morning in Jan. what will it be today.............

Brynlee's room needs quite a bit of attention!

I have laundry screaming at me everytime I round the corner to my laundry room!

The office needs organizing!.......papers, papers, paper oh and did I mention PAPERS!

More Christmas stuff I still need to part with!

Closets need to be organized!

Bathrooms need to be straighened

Where oh where to begin............this is only the start of all this chaos going on in my house right now!!! One day at a time, right?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One down.......

Cluff and Bryan Kids 2007
Well the tree came down today (thanks to my good friend Becca) NOW for the rest of the stuff! My morning started out CRAZY and finally died down about 1. Between Piano at 7:30am and Cambry having to be to the dentist at 8:15 am with Doyle's school starting at 9:15 I was running like mad, thanks Flo for helping out with Doyle!!!! It's barely 3:08pm and I am wishing I was taking a warm bath in 15 min and going to sleep with the help of my Tylenol PM!!! Oh well, such is the joy of being a mom! The kids are awaiting the arrival of "Harley", mom and dad's new yellow lab puppy!! Pics to come, and let me tell you, you will F
L head over heals for this baby!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year, I'm tired!!!!

Doyle @ Amber and C.J's wedding
July 2009
Why is that when I set goals for myself and get all gung ho on accomplishing these new goals that the day I want to wake up and get after it I am so dang tired!!!

I did however go to bed with a clean kitchen and wake up feeling like that one thing was on my side!! Now there is the laundry and vacuuming and the dusting and the organizing, oh the organizing!! Are you ever really all put together!!

I love the fact that my husband sat down last night on the couch and asked me to join him!! The kids were snuggled all snug in their beds and he had a paper that said

Goals 2010

Brian's goals-






Tifani's goals-






couple's goals-

I love my husband in every way. I love that he wants to help me better myself and ourselves for that matter! He inspires me! He is such an awesome daddy too!

Now where in the heck am I supposed to tap in to some energy so I can get all of this stuff done! I am proud of the fact that we have read our scriptures every night and held family prayer every night and morning! I wanted to get better at this for some time now!! We have been doing really pretty well with the scripture study but could use some work on the prayer as a family. It truly makes a difference! I am so happy that I have the support of my Hubby in all of this! I don't know what I would do without him!

I hope to journal better too! Family is so important and I don't want to look back and think to myself, I wish I had documented this part of my life better! I am excited for this new year!! and can't wait to NOT be pregnant anymore! My body is screaming HELP!!!!!