Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One down.......

Cluff and Bryan Kids 2007
Well the tree came down today (thanks to my good friend Becca) NOW for the rest of the stuff! My morning started out CRAZY and finally died down about 1. Between Piano at 7:30am and Cambry having to be to the dentist at 8:15 am with Doyle's school starting at 9:15 I was running like mad, thanks Flo for helping out with Doyle!!!! It's barely 3:08pm and I am wishing I was taking a warm bath in 15 min and going to sleep with the help of my Tylenol PM!!! Oh well, such is the joy of being a mom! The kids are awaiting the arrival of "Harley", mom and dad's new yellow lab puppy!! Pics to come, and let me tell you, you will F
L head over heals for this baby!!!

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