Friday, November 20, 2009

and the results are..........

It's a Girl!!!! we are so excited but also shocked! We were all so sure it was a boy, Brian just keep's sayin "Well, looks like we get to do this again!!! He's smokin pot, cause that's not happening!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 day and counting.....

we find out tomorrow what we are having!!! I am so excited and then Brian and I get a whole weekend to ourselves!!! I can't wait

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annual Cluff Halloween Party....2009

We had our annual Cluff Halloween party Friday night and it was a blast!!! Mom went all out as usual and the kids and adults had a blast! The food was so good and all the games and crafts mom had for the kids to do was wonderful!!!

Kaely and Doyle posin before the party

Doyle and Jacob wanted a "cool" pic taken

Mom was Dora and she somehow got dad to be her map!!!

all 14 grandkids

The kids got to decorate pumpkins and I think the all did a great job.

Mom had a Dora pinata for the kids also!!!

The bobin for apples is a tradition and the kids love it!!! Cambry figured out right away how to do it!! she was soaked

Here's Kaely gettin hers. I love it

and Doyle figured out how not to get so wet!!!

I love Hunter.... He's a party he tried and when he finally got one I didn't get a picture but he ended up takin a bite out of it!!!!

Halloween parties 2009

Doyle loved all the Halloween parties that went on that day!!!!
Me and Kaely at her party for school,(sorry bout the horrible pic, it's kinda hard to smile with 9 coldsores)

Kaely's teacher Mrs. Kerby was awesome!!!

Cambry's teacher Mrs. Pryor, we love every bit of her. She is amazing!!!!

Cambry and Doyle strikin a pose!! He was done with his costume by now and dressed himself;)

Cambry's has a therapy dog mija who is in her room 100% of the time with the kids! She is an amazing dog and loves loves loves the kids. She was subjected to being a cave women with Mrs. Pryor and left the mullet wig on the whole time!!!

Cam loves this dog and when she is in the room Mrs. Pryor calls her auntie cambry and Mija loves it!!! It is so fun to watch these two interact!!!

Mrs. Pryors 2nd grade class

Mija aka mimi, meemers

Kaely and Doyle before the parade started