Thursday, August 20, 2009

Such a BLAH day......

today isn't as bad as yesterday but could be better just isn't, is that complaining well if it is it feels better than going in to the porcelain god and sharing my breakfast, why isn't she sugar coating this you ask cause there is nothing sweet about losing your breakfast lunch dinner and every swallow in between, when things come up cold you know it didn't stay long enough! Which is why the ever-needed Zofran pump is on it's way to be a constant companion to my inner thigh! Will i like it probably not, do I wish I was at the gym right now with my good friend Becca who stayed at my house all day yesterday and did my laundry till her baby cried for some mommy time!Yep she's workin out and well I guess so am I! Trying to keep from spewin has to burn some calories right, right!!! I want to remember this day for as long as I can so when I am having a bad day later on I can look back at today and, could be worse Tif, buck and and smile. I have a lot to be thankful for................I get to be a mom of four ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Mom, my tummy hurts"...........

I hear this alot at my house!! Their tummies hurt when they have to go to bed, if I tell them to do the dishes or clean their room, what ever the task is that needs to be done we have "tummy aches" so when doyle told me that his tummy was hurting I asked him if he thought he needed to poop or throwup and he opened his mouth and said no not in their mom on the outside!!! Well this is what I saw when I pulled up his shirt. I said "Doyle, what the heck happened, he said that Cambry was airing up our air mattress with my blow dryer for a while then turned it on him! Well when it touched his tummy it burned him good!!! Poor guy!!! But he never cried right when it happened. It was a few hours before he started complaining that his stomach was hurting!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Craft's and more craft's

Some crafts I've been working on!!! Very cute! Fun Fun!!! This is our new crayon bucket that I used starburst wrappers on and mod podge them on there then tied matching ribbon, shawna did a tootsie roll and york mint patties that were also cute as could be!! Thanks for the idea shamoms your the greatest!!! check out her blog for some cute cute ideas she's awesome!! [RE]Beautify on my side bar!!!

Bow Holder that's not quite finished! I still have to put the fabric on the back of it but don't know what fabric yet!! But i think it's still so dang cute!! can you believe chicken wire and a frame from Hobby Lobby and voila you have a bow holder! Saw this idea on I think it was UCREATE. Kari has found some amazing sites!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our 24th 2009

It was so fun to have Cody with us for a week! We've done cousin swapping all month and this month it was Cody's turn! I hope he had fun too!
Me on a very important call.............

The kids were on a float with Uncle Justin and looked so stinkin cute!

Doyle rode in the 4th ward Primary float with his dad. They even won a award for their float!!!

If you click on this picture you can see that Sid~diddy is asleep!!!! Just was so good to hold her for the ride and she must have thought the ride was pretty relaxing even though there was Fire trucks right behind them blarring their horns!!!! Gotta love kids

Here she is right before I took her off of the ride and over to Shawna!! She was so so tired

Havin fun with Uncle Rex!!!

Uncle Rex was here for Amber and Cheej's wedding and I captured some one on one time with him and Bubba D......We love you Rexy

They were laughing so stinkin hard....look and the veins in Doyle's Neck! I wish You could hear them laughing, it was so stinkin funny!!! I love the look on K-sue's face too!!!

I love this kid

They did this for about 10 min!!! We can't wait to see you again Rex!!! Hopefully soon!!!