Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It snowed...In March!!!!

we had snow in March and the kids were so excited to go out and take full advantage of it. We had Hunter and Logan here for a sleepover while their Mom and Dad played in
New York...we had a blast!!!
Doyle and Hunter doing snow Angels
Hunter eating snow...It wasn't yellow thank goodness...I love the hat buddy!!!
I love this kid
Logan is just a doll and I love him soooooo sooooo much...
He always has a kiss and hug for Aunt Tif
The Boy's
Logie Bear makin a snow angel
Doyles snowball

Me blowing kisses at Doyle

Sunday, March 11, 2012

we had way to much fun

so Amanda and I made a quick trip to Tucson in March and I can't say that we behaved ourselves one little bit....Prune

Friday, March 9, 2012

Misty came to visit....i enjoyed every moment with her....I miss u

Thank you Sara for getting my sista down here to me!!! I will forever be grateful to you.... you and your mom are amazing and I feel so blessed to know you!!!! love you
Misty has been through it ALL with me for the last 20 years...yep 20 years....sooooo much happens in 20 years!!!! I hope the next 20 are just as fun and interesting!!! luv u mist
While misty was here, her and I went to see Billy Dean in concert!!! Such a good show.... did someone say "onions"!!!!!!!

Cambry turns 10......yeah I know a month ago!!!!

what can I say, I love this kid!!!! she is one special little girl and it make's me sick that she is already ten!!!! Ive put my kids through it all, and they have endured it well!!!! These kids have pulled me through thick and thin and still love me!!!! I just hope they don't need counseling when they are older!!!

trying to light her cake with matches as the candles....it was that kind of weekend....

Shawna started a tradition that I think we all use... decorating their door the night before their birthdays!!!! the kids love it!!!! I love you toad and thank you for showing me you love me no matter what!!! You are amazing sweet girl and mom will ALWAYS love you!!!! Happy Birthday Cambry

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dimond Rio and lunch....

Okay yucky picture of me
But this was taken with some of Diamond Rio....They kinda thought they were a big deal in this little town.......hhhmmm

I mean they were VeRy entertaining and they could play a mean guitar...and the older they get the hotter they get.....
We had soooo much fun........
Can't wait to do it again.....Neil Mcoy here we come!!!!!
Doyle and wyatt bein best buds
Heather and Trevor were able to come to Safford and watch Diamond Rio Perform in our little town... It was such a good concert. Mom and Dad watched Wyatt for them and afterwards we went to Denny's for a bite to eat!!! It was so good to be able to spend time with them.
The next day, Dad and David were going to R&R for lunch and asked if we wanted to tag along....ummm yes please. Trevor and Brian weren't able to make it on a count they were loading a truck onto Trevors truck which resulted in Spencer taking a trip to the clinic for stitches.....yeah not fun!!!!
But it was a good visit and they get to come back for the Neil Mcoy concert...I know right?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gone private.......so invigerating....Whats in my best interest.

Sea world 2011
So I have this new "friend" Kristen!!! She listens to me and I can tell her anything. ANYTHING...that can be scary right..........not if your getting 60 buckaroos an hour!! But hey I'll pay anyone that much if they can listen to EVERYTHING wrong with my mental state and physical state and STILL put me back in her appointment book week after week!!! SHOCKING!!!! luv her!!
Kristen gives me different ways to think of situations at home, in the car, while doing laundry, while not doing laundry!!! In fact i make my own choices, no one makes them or chooses them for me, As long as Heavenly Father directs me in the right path and I listen then everything is taken care of because he knows what is going to happen, everytime anywhere,!!! how awesome is that. he already knows whats to happen so I need to just go along for the ride and "do whats in my best interest" Kristen lingo going off in my head hourly!! okay, every minute!! not a huge choice just a ? that i am in charge of !!! and there is no right or wrong answer, just think and do what will make my life simpler and this momma happy!!! cool right.... try it sometime!!!