Monday, November 8, 2010

I am......

so so so excited for the Mindy Gledhill concert this thursday, some of my besties and me are traveling to Paris, I mean Mesa for the big shindig!!!! SO excited, If you have never heard of Mindy you are seriously missing out on some very good music and uplifting to boot!!! Go here to hear some of her lyrics she is so amazing, just love her!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well I am slowly but surly coming back into my life as a confident , strong wiled, Peaceful, harmonizing, pain free, fun loving, non judging,kissy facing, non fake smile wearing, momma, lova, friend*ME
Its has been a long time coming but I love that I am working on it and I feel myself coming out of the clouds, so to speak, Best way to describe it is like when Mary Poppins comes floating out of the clouds down to Cherry Lane under her umbrella and she is looking around and I think feeling very confident about what she can do to help that little family she is being sent to! I love this!!! cause this is how I am starting to feel more and more as the minutes pass!
It is coming slowly but surely and something that has to be worked on and part of my every minute thinking but it is happening and I love it!!!!!