Thursday, August 21, 2008

And so it begins....

Brian left today on a trip with his dad and brothers, Justin and Spencer. I am sure they will have fun but I am going to miss him. I love when he comes home from work and takes me in his arms and gives me a hug and kiss. love it love it. I think I am going to my sisters for the weekend so that will make it a little more bearable.

Our family Mountain trip

we took the kids to mount graham a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice. From the looks of the pictures I think just me and Brian and Doyle were there. I don't know why I don't have any pics of the girls, probably cause they were the ones with the camera most of the time if you can't tell. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway it was fun and the kids loved the rain and the nice weather and the fact that Brian brought his dog "Dozer" the kids love this dog!!

Doyle and "his bef frend" Jack

This is Jack Hackett and Doyle. These two are so fun together and Doyle always wants to have Jack over to play. They love to ride bikes, swim, collect rocks, and play trains and trucks together. They are so funny when they get together and they have so much fun. we love you Jack Jack.

cute picture

Toad's in 1st Grade!!!!!

Cambry is 6 and in the first grade and she is so excited about her teacher Mrs. Baysinger. She is so funny and man is this one a little spitfire..... she has all the boys right where she wants them and let me tell you she is definitley in charge. She isn't told what to do and she loves that they can't make her do ANYTHING!!! I haven't figured out if this is a good quality yet or not!!! ;)
She is a good big sis to Doyle and loves to ride her bike and swim. she is an outdoor girl and loves to go to the mountain with the fam and run all over the place. she loves horses and asks me all the time when aunt Melissa is coming down from mesa so she can go riding with her. She loves basketball and loves anything that has to do with running. WOW she is always on the move and it is never a dull moment with Toad around, We love ya Cambry

Kaely's in 4th Grade!!!

Kaely is 9 and in the 4th grade now and loves it. This was her first day of school pic (nice pose huh) She is so fun at this age and is a huge help to me. She loves to read chapter books and is doing really well in spelling this year. Her goal this school year is to get all A's and she wants to get better at her spelling and math. she loves her teacher Mrs. Hardy and has her 2 best friends Charlotte Petterson and Amber Judd in her class this year. which she is so so so excited about. She can't wait till mom and dad start leaving her alone to babysit the little sibs but that won't be happening for another 2 years much to her dismay. She loves baby's and loves to go over to her aunt Amy's and help out with Jarred. I can't believe how time fly's and I wish I could keep her with me forever but we all know that can't happen. she has a heart of gold and loves to make people feel good about themselves. I love you K-Sue

Friday, August 15, 2008

My big sis turns 34!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Heather, thanks for being such an AWESOME big sister. we have had a ton of fun together and I am so glad that we have you. I love doing stuff together and know that there will always be a late night party of some sort or another if you are there. Everyone wants to be at Hebbies house. Thanks for all the memories of throwing frogs against the bank wall in Willcox or racing trains on dry lakes or catching air in dad's orange truck before softball practice in the mornings during the summer. I could go on and on. The bruises or the scratch fights or the late night parties everytime were together. I love ya and so glad your my sis. Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday. Love ya

My little trickster!!!!

Okay so this morning I was tossing in bed knowing the kiddos would be up soon and I had to get up and start my morning routine, well I heard the front door shut and thought it was Brian leaving for work. It's like almost 6 right. Then in walks Doyle and he says to me "Mom, shawna(my housekeeper) is here get up, get up. so I get up thinking this could happen cause i forgot to leave a check for her on Tuesday but I didn't really think she'd come at 6 in the morning for it but oh well. so I come out of my room trying to wipe my eyes so I can see with my arms folded cause I'm not wearing a bra yeah HELLO and he says "she's sitting on the couch, so I come around the couch and no one is there, I look at Doyle who has a grin from ear to ear and says "K, mom just kidding but don't go back to bed I want some Ceral"
That little bugger got me out of bed with a LIE no less just so I would get him some cereal. It's a good think Heavenly Father makes theses kids so darn cute and irresitable so we don't end up giving them away at times. I love him and now I am laughing but at 6 am it wasn't that funny to me! HHHHHHHMMMMMMM i wonder why! gotta love em

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cluff Reunion 2008

Here are some random pictures that I took of the reunion this year. We had a blast and It was so fun to be with all the fam.
This is a picture of the hummingbird feeder that was outside of our room. I meant to show the one of them actually eating out of it .
Kiersten got to come up with us on Thursday and stay in the hotel with us and then the girls got to stay in the 5th wheel with them for 2 nights. The girls had a blast and want to go back really really soon. cute huh
They played games all the way up there. how did our parents travel with us
My little Tiger. For some reason he thought he was more of a Tiger if he showed his mucsles

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My WONDERFUL Hubby!!!!

My sister had a Tag on her blog and she added pictures to it and I thought it was really cute so I am stealing her wonderful idea, Thanks Shamoms
What is his name? Brian David
How long have you've been married? 10 1/2 yrs ( from the looks of this pictures it looks like it's been longer huh;)

How long did you date? A VERY LONG 1 yr 2 months and 14 days ;)

How old is he? 32 1/2

who eats more sweets? I do

Who said "I love you" 1st? I did

Who is taller? He is and I love it cause i love looking up at him!!! Just thought I'd throw that in there HEHEHEHEHE

Who can sing better? Me, but when I am prego and getting poked for the umpinth time with IV'S he sings me the song from pillow talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day "you are my insperation" and it helps me to mellow out and sort of relax. I love him so much for that!!!!

Who is smarter? WOW, he has that one hands down!!!

Who does laundry? I do except for when I'm pregnant of wait not even then cause his mom does it.. or my mom. so yeah he never does

Who pays bills? we both do

Who sleeps on the right side? He does
Who mows the lawn? we both do but he does it more
Who cooks dinner? I do, except for the prego thing again then its ranch sandwiches and ramen:0
Who drives? we both do
Who is more stubborn? I think he is but I'm sure if he read this then it would be me SO yeah we'll just leave this one alone!!!!

Who kissed 1st? sly dog, he did after asking me to go on a walk with him out by his house overlooking the city 5 days after he got home off his mission!!!
Who asked who out first? I asked him out first

Who proposed? I almost did, but he beat me to it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA long story, that's a whole other post!

Who has more siblings? He does, I have 4 and he has 6

Who wears the pants? Wow that is a tuffy...........It depends on what time of the month it is.......for........Yeah

What do you love most about him? The way he makes me laugh. Wheather it's some stupid face he makes (photo below) or getting my goat as he puts it. I love that he loves me so much and he never lets me doubt that. He is a great father to our 3 beautiful children and he looks on the bright side of everything. He is so optimistic about everything .............. He is my insperation and I feel so blessed to have him for eternity. He gives 110% to our realtionship .....................

and I love him more today then i did 10 years ago. He has shown me that our trials only make us stronger.........

and that it's up to us and our attitude on how we deal with them that is either going to make us or break us........

I love you babe and I am so glad you're mine!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaely is a 4th grader

I am sorry but I am having a hard time coming to terms with this! I can't believe that I am old enough to have a 4th grader. in 2 years she will be at the middle school and OMG that is so hard to grasp!!! I hate that these kids grow up so dang fast. I wish i could put them in a bottle and keep them forever (without getting arrested that is)

They are all at such a fun age and yes at times it seems to be the hardest thing I will ever do but for the most part we are enjoying them. We watched a video of Uncle Doyle and it was fun to see of Brian's brothers and sisters so young and cute and innocent and now they are having kids of their own. WOW!!!!


Cambry was so excited when she got home from school. she had a smile from ear to ear and said that school was awesome and she loved her teacher and her class. She was so funny to listen to. I will post the pictures from today when I get them developed. I am down to a disposable camera cause the digital one I used at the reunion got misplaced and ended up with someone eles. DANG IT!!!!

It's just Marshmallow's Mom

Today after we dropped the girls off at school Doyle wanted to go by the High School to see MIMI. When we left the office and were driving out of the parking lot, one of the farmers was burning a huge pile of weeds and the flames were like 8 ft in the air and it started a pretty interesting conversation with him

mom: Doyle do you see the big fire?

Doyle: That is really big mom!

Mom: What do you think it is?

Doyle: He's cooking a big marshmallow, serious mom!

I had to laugh, if you would have seen how big the fire was you might have guessed that's what it was!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's School time again!!!!!!

WOW!!!! This summer has flown by and we are anxiously waiting to start back in the swing of things. The kids are really excited this year and Kaely got the teacher that she wanted. Cambry is a little worried because she doesn't know this teacher but she will do just fine in her class. I just hope this teacher is ready for her. She loved Mrs. Barney and she was such a great teacher. I hope we have just as much luck with this one. Hope everyone had a great summer and I will post pics of the kids tommorow. Yippy!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) (I am not the least bit excited about this can't you tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)