Monday, August 11, 2008

Cluff Reunion 2008

Here are some random pictures that I took of the reunion this year. We had a blast and It was so fun to be with all the fam.
This is a picture of the hummingbird feeder that was outside of our room. I meant to show the one of them actually eating out of it .
Kiersten got to come up with us on Thursday and stay in the hotel with us and then the girls got to stay in the 5th wheel with them for 2 nights. The girls had a blast and want to go back really really soon. cute huh
They played games all the way up there. how did our parents travel with us
My little Tiger. For some reason he thought he was more of a Tiger if he showed his mucsles


Shawna said...

How fun for the girls to have Kiersten come along. I love the picture of Doyle! Totally made me laugh!

Sue said...

Yahoo for family reunions!!!!!!

The K. family said...

Thanks was a lot of fun! I had a good time doing it with my little sister....can't get enough, "SISTER TIME!!!" LOL. love ya.