Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaely is a 4th grader

I am sorry but I am having a hard time coming to terms with this! I can't believe that I am old enough to have a 4th grader. in 2 years she will be at the middle school and OMG that is so hard to grasp!!! I hate that these kids grow up so dang fast. I wish i could put them in a bottle and keep them forever (without getting arrested that is)

They are all at such a fun age and yes at times it seems to be the hardest thing I will ever do but for the most part we are enjoying them. We watched a video of Uncle Doyle and it was fun to see of Brian's brothers and sisters so young and cute and innocent and now they are having kids of their own. WOW!!!!


Shawna said...

That is crazy...4th GRADE? WOW!
She's grown up so fast! She looks beautiful as always!

Sue said...

Wow, Kaely Sue, you are so grown up and what an awesome person you are!
Good luck in 4th grade and study hard.
Papa and Mimi love you so much!!!!!