Friday, August 15, 2008

My big sis turns 34!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Heather, thanks for being such an AWESOME big sister. we have had a ton of fun together and I am so glad that we have you. I love doing stuff together and know that there will always be a late night party of some sort or another if you are there. Everyone wants to be at Hebbies house. Thanks for all the memories of throwing frogs against the bank wall in Willcox or racing trains on dry lakes or catching air in dad's orange truck before softball practice in the mornings during the summer. I could go on and on. The bruises or the scratch fights or the late night parties everytime were together. I love ya and so glad your my sis. Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday. Love ya


Sue said...

Oh yeah, how blessed we are to have such awesome daughters and sons!!!!! A very Happy Birthday to you Hebbie!!!!

Andy or Laisa said...

You guys say the sweetest things about each other.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEBBIE! - wish I was there! :D