Friday, August 15, 2008

My little trickster!!!!

Okay so this morning I was tossing in bed knowing the kiddos would be up soon and I had to get up and start my morning routine, well I heard the front door shut and thought it was Brian leaving for work. It's like almost 6 right. Then in walks Doyle and he says to me "Mom, shawna(my housekeeper) is here get up, get up. so I get up thinking this could happen cause i forgot to leave a check for her on Tuesday but I didn't really think she'd come at 6 in the morning for it but oh well. so I come out of my room trying to wipe my eyes so I can see with my arms folded cause I'm not wearing a bra yeah HELLO and he says "she's sitting on the couch, so I come around the couch and no one is there, I look at Doyle who has a grin from ear to ear and says "K, mom just kidding but don't go back to bed I want some Ceral"
That little bugger got me out of bed with a LIE no less just so I would get him some cereal. It's a good think Heavenly Father makes theses kids so darn cute and irresitable so we don't end up giving them away at times. I love him and now I am laughing but at 6 am it wasn't that funny to me! HHHHHHHMMMMMMM i wonder why! gotta love em


Shawna said...

That's hilarious! What a stinker! That seems like such a big kid thing to do...when did he learn to be so sneaky like that? It doesn't surprise me though, he's too smart for his own good.
Love the messy face picture! So sweet. The chocolate looks even yummier when it's smeared all over a cute face!

Sue said...

So I believe he comes by it naturally and I don't mean on his father's side!!!!! I love the chocolate face, so much nurousment!!!