Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kaely made the part of one of the maids when annie is sent to the rich man's home!!! She was so cute. She did a really good job!!!!

Hotels and swimming....The Cheapest entertainment EVER!!!!

My kids love to stay at hotels and swim so when we went to Mesa with Justin and Becky the kids were in Heaven. The water was FREEZING but they didn't seem to mind and they were making it even worse by being in the Hot HOT tub and then jumping back in the pool. Crazy kids..... But they loved every minute of it and Justin, Becky, Brian and I loved having them preoccupied!!!!! I love spending time with family and this weekend is just what we all needed.

Doyle was trying to get used to the water!!!!
I loved Logans face. That water was so stinkin cold!!!

This was in between all the freezing

I loved hunter's shorts. poor kid didn't have a waist to keep um up!!!! But hey cute cute bum's are a terrible thing to waste!!!!

All the kids in the 110 hot tub. It was so hot in there

I loved bubba D's face. in and out that was the game

Kiersten, Cambry, Kaely and Hunter boy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Day after Disney we went to a really cool place called Rawhide!!! It was fun and the kids enjoyed all the shows and food!!! EXPENSIVE food but it was good.....we had no Idea

Bubba D and his yogurt!!!!

Cutie patootie Kaely

The WHOLE gang

Cute pic on the wagon Cambry 7, Hunter 5, Kaely 10, Kiersten 7, Doyle 4 and Logan 3

Brian giving the boys a "horsy" ride while we waited for the Gun Slinger

He really shot that balloon. He's looking a mirror and shooting behind him!!! Me and Bec can both do this.....SO

Doyle waiting for the Train. It was so hot and he was getting tired of it!!!! What a sport

Us on the Train ride....finally aren't these some of the cutest kids you've seen :)

Doyle and Logan

Our trip with the Cluff cousins!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we made a last minute trip to Mesa with Justin and Becky and their kids!!!We had a blast. We went to the Disney on Ice and saw the Incredible's tame the nasty enimies that kidnapped Mickey and Minnie!!!!!! Don't worry they are all back safe and sound. Gotta love those Incredible's

This is us after the show!!!

I love those big blue eye!!!! They just meltcha don't they!!!

The oldest incredible boy (can't remember his name) Rescuing Mickey

This was a cute train ride they did

Me and Brian........good pic K-sue

Oh No!!!!! It's got Mickey and Minnie.......JERKS!!!!!!

Our fav....Cinderella

He is so strong!!! This has happened to me quite a few times.....I know Mr. Incredible it sucks sometimes having such big Muscles

Our favorite dog EVER!!!!!!!! Yeah PLUTO

The girls just being cute as always

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow its been awhile

Sorry things are crazy crazy right now but I am hoping to get caught up before my sisters and I go on our much needed getaway to flagstaff. I am so excited!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kaely's 10th B~Day Party (the family one, yes this birthday lasted 2 days)

We had Kaely's birthday party with the family on her "actual" birthday! (oh and Happy Anniversary mom and dad cluff) Kaely was born on my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary!!! It made for a VERY special day!!!

We had lots and lots of family come!!! Thank you to all of those that traveled to make it extra special. I have the BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!
One of the High school students made this cake for Kaely. It was so cute! I hated eating it!!! Plus it makes for some HUGE hips afterward. But, so worth it....YUMMY

My sweet girl is growing up and yes it is really hard to swallow having a 10 year old. Time has totally flown by!!!!

She is getting to the age where she wants to babysit and that is something that i know will happen I just don't know if I'm ready!!!! But ready or not here we come ;)

Little miss Syd~diddy just posin for aunt Tif!!! I could eat her till the cows come home!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New York Day #5

On our last day in New York we went to see some of the things we missed out on the days before!! There was a huge M&M world and this hunka hunka burnin love greets you at the door!!! Fun Huh

Then we got to see Radio City Music Hall but missed the tour by an hour so that's on our list for next time!!

This is the famous NBC building!!!

Then we toured Rockafellar center, this place was fun and it was fun to see the famous ice skating rink!!! There was actually a girl there that could really skate and it was so fun to watch her!!

Our last meal in NYC!!!! These little tacos were awesome

Brians burger was awesome and HUGE!!!!!

NO we did not dip in to the glass case behind us!!! Tempting but no

Our last look at Times Square before returning to our room to collect our bags and head home!!! This was the funnest trip and I am glad that we got to spend 5 whole days just the 2 of us!!! I love you Honey and thank you for making my life an enjoyable journey!!! I am glad I have you to experience all that life "throws" our way!!! I love you