Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hotels and swimming....The Cheapest entertainment EVER!!!!

My kids love to stay at hotels and swim so when we went to Mesa with Justin and Becky the kids were in Heaven. The water was FREEZING but they didn't seem to mind and they were making it even worse by being in the Hot HOT tub and then jumping back in the pool. Crazy kids..... But they loved every minute of it and Justin, Becky, Brian and I loved having them preoccupied!!!!! I love spending time with family and this weekend is just what we all needed.

Doyle was trying to get used to the water!!!!
I loved Logans face. That water was so stinkin cold!!!

This was in between all the freezing

I loved hunter's shorts. poor kid didn't have a waist to keep um up!!!! But hey cute cute bum's are a terrible thing to waste!!!!

All the kids in the 110 hot tub. It was so hot in there

I loved bubba D's face. in and out that was the game

Kiersten, Cambry, Kaely and Hunter boy


Steph said...

You have been busy!

The Cluff's said...

It was so much fun spending the weekend with you guys! Justin even made the comment that we should do stuff like this more often! Love you guys!