Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New York Day #5

On our last day in New York we went to see some of the things we missed out on the days before!! There was a huge M&M world and this hunka hunka burnin love greets you at the door!!! Fun Huh

Then we got to see Radio City Music Hall but missed the tour by an hour so that's on our list for next time!!

This is the famous NBC building!!!

Then we toured Rockafellar center, this place was fun and it was fun to see the famous ice skating rink!!! There was actually a girl there that could really skate and it was so fun to watch her!!

Our last meal in NYC!!!! These little tacos were awesome

Brians burger was awesome and HUGE!!!!!

NO we did not dip in to the glass case behind us!!! Tempting but no

Our last look at Times Square before returning to our room to collect our bags and head home!!! This was the funnest trip and I am glad that we got to spend 5 whole days just the 2 of us!!! I love you Honey and thank you for making my life an enjoyable journey!!! I am glad I have you to experience all that life "throws" our way!!! I love you


Steph said...

We need to take a "girls" trip to NYC! Wouldn't that be fun! Let's plan on doing that as soon as the economy comes out of the toilet...or maybe we should just plan it! Wendy has dibs on our Mexico trip first (the family one) after that we should do an all girl thing. Maybe after we are all done havin' babies?
By the way, how DID Brian fit that burger in his mouth???

Lindsay said...

That trip looked like a blast!! Todd went there on his mission and I'm dying for him to take us back!
Thanks for letting me know about CJ and Amber! That is crazy!! I haven't see both of them is so long I feel like they're still 12 years old (and really it's just me getting older:( That is exciting!

Mary Ann said...

New York? How fun! What a great getaway! You are so cute! Glad you had some time with your hubby!

Nicole said...

Send me your email- I think I might have the wrong one! nicole@desertbrilliance.com

Alene said...

Looks like NY was a blast! I am excited about the upcoming wedding!! Who would have thought, right? You've got an awesome brother...and the ONLY one good enough for Amber :)

Steph said...

Are you still alive and kickin'? I am beginning to wonder if you are PG? WELL????