Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Day after Disney we went to a really cool place called Rawhide!!! It was fun and the kids enjoyed all the shows and food!!! EXPENSIVE food but it was good.....we had no Idea

Bubba D and his yogurt!!!!

Cutie patootie Kaely

The WHOLE gang

Cute pic on the wagon Cambry 7, Hunter 5, Kaely 10, Kiersten 7, Doyle 4 and Logan 3

Brian giving the boys a "horsy" ride while we waited for the Gun Slinger

He really shot that balloon. He's looking a mirror and shooting behind him!!! Me and Bec can both do this.....SO

Doyle waiting for the Train. It was so hot and he was getting tired of it!!!! What a sport

Us on the Train ride....finally aren't these some of the cutest kids you've seen :)

Doyle and Logan


The K. family said...

Tif...so glad to see you blogging again...sheesh...just kidding. Looks like a fun vacation. We need to take our kids to Disneyland. Anyhow...just wanted to thank you for offering prayers to Melanie. It's honestly the only thing I know to do. She will greatly appreciate it!

Shawna said...

The first picture on this post is funny. I love Cambry and her posing.

I clicked on the picture to make it larger so I could see Cambry's face better and I noticed the guy in the background looks so much like dad. It's crazy!

Cute photos though. It looks like a fun time!