Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pregnant Markers.......WHAT THE........

So DoYlE came running into my room today screaming in the loudest high pitched voice a four year old BoY can and informed me that Kaely was in her room coloring with Pregnant markers and I needed to take it away from her cause I told him he could NEVER use those markers they would only get him into trouble! So for all you mom's out there with pregnant markers in your homes put them up high where they are out of reach!! I laughed so hard and I still love to hear him say it!

Pregnant markers = permanent markers :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bubba~D "gradgiated"

Isn't this just the yummiest graduate you have EVER seen! He is so fun.......I love this little guy!

He got to be the one at the ceremony to hold the flag during the pledge of aligance!

Here he is doing his turtle song!!! They love this song

This is the only picture I got of him getting his diploma!!! He was outta there!

Kaely's first Piano recital!!

Kaely and Erin Hackett at their recital! May 19th 2009

Kaely playing a duet with her teacher Sis. Innes
She did so good! We are so proud of you K~Sue

Way to Go Misty and Jason!!!

My best friend in the whole world graduated with her AA from Western last weekend and I was able to go!!! It was so good to see her cause I miss her tons!!!! Congrats to you two and way to go!! Love you

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daddy and Doyle.......workin men

Our stakes here are putting the primary kids names on rocks and then they bring them to CKC and Brian adds them to the concrete that will be used for the new Temple! Doyle got to help dad "add" the rocks and I snapped some pictures of that!
He has been wanting his own orange shirt just like dad's and is collecting hard hats! It is so cute and just what Brian has been waiting for ever since the day Doyle was born

Isn't he just the cutest construction worker you have EVER seen!

Here he is holding up the rocks that he is adding!!! I love the look on his face. That new mixer was bright white and it made it hard to look right at me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Flamly Room Playmates"

Sunday night Mom and Dad met Shawna and Ben in Globe and picked up Sydney and Theron and brought them to my house to play for 10 days. Doyle loves having buddies at his beck and call! Since they have arrived I have heard the phrase "let's play house in the flamly room" 1000 times in the highest pitch voice you can imagine!! They love playing puppy, then that gets old and a fight breaks out on who will be the mom and dad and sister or brother. But it is usually resolved with someone just being the puppy and were are back to cousins bliss! Shawna and Ben got a chance to go to Hawaii and just indulge in each other, YUMMY, and I am so glad I got to keep Theron and Syd~diddy while they got away!!! It can be hair pulling at times but makes me really sure that if I did have 5 kids and 3 of them were under the age of 5 I could actually do it!!! I am proud of myself and feel like I could accomplish anything now! 5 kids no biggy, but i will have to figure out the whole laundry thing, and these kids didn't even bring all they had. I think the laundry would quadruple with 2 other people in my family. How does this happen.

Thank you Theron and Sydney for coming to play with us!!! We love you and will miss you so much when you go back to LaVeen. But I am sure that 5 days from now mom and dad will be more than ready to eat you up!!! Thank you Shawna and Ben for trusting me with your kids. They are so cute and so much fun to have!!! We love you and hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!! Try to keep your swimsuits on the right way!!! Love ya

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The last of Flagstaff pics.....

So when Heather and Trevor and Brian & I first got to Flag. (Shawna and Ben came later that day) we decided to go to this farm place outside of Flagstaff! you get to feed deer and see all different sorts of animals! It was a hott!

They were attacking us from every direction

This camel loved me :) do you blame him ;)

at last minute I opted not to get a kiss from this handsome devil!!

Those are reindeer behind us with social issues

It's a llama! They are the ugliest animals ever

This deer thought Brian still had corn in his pocket!! a little to close for comfort! I had to fight it off

Then they realized Trevor was the man!

This bird was hilarious! I would answer your questions and then if you called it pretty it would yell at you! Go figure

This monkey gave me nightmares! It was tiny and creepy! No thanks little man

Then Heather and I hitched a ride on this ol tractor!

we thought we saw a...................................

Here we are at this restraunt in downtown Flagstaff! It used to be a Hotel that has now been made in to a restraunt /hotel. It was good

The gang partyin

Shawna and Ben

Heather and Trevor

Me and Brian

Then on Saturday we went to the Lava tubes in Flagstaff! Yeah we climbed in that hole and then hiked sometimes on our hands and knees it got so low, for about an hour each way! It was crazy but something everyone needs to try!

Here we all are before the hike in. It was crazy but so much fun!!! Thanks guys for the memories and all the fun!!! Love you all

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Couple's Trip....Flagstaff April 2009

I love all of the different colors that you get throughout the Grand Canyon.
My Sistas

No he's not peeing off the edge!

Just tryin to get some lovin from shamama

Look at that back ground!!! So cool

I don't know how it happened but we kept slipping!! THANKFULLY no one went al the way over!!! whew

my honey was so scared but he made it!!!

I slipped too!!! I thought that was the end. Thank goodness some passerby's helped me up!

just hangin out on the fence post!!! What?