Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Pics of the couples trip

The stud muffins
Beautiful sunset at the Grand Canyon

My sistas

YUMMY!!!!! :)

He was pinchin my booty!!!! Love it, delish!!!!!!!!!

The Grand Canyon

I love this guy so much!!! I love going places with him and getting to have one on one time with him is the most rewarding thing I could ask for!!! He makes me so happy and it amazes me that after almost 12 years of marriage I could love him so so so much more than I did the day I married him!!! I love you Brian!!

My crazy hubby

This is the Kitchen!!!

The front room, I love those huge windows

Part of the front room looking up to the second floor!

This was the Entry way to this house!!! It was beautiful

AAAHHHH the cute couples!!! Heather and Trevor 9 years, Shawna and Ben 9 years & Brian and Tif 11 years

Silly couple faces. Gotta have those

Me and my sisters!!!!!

Shamom's posin for me!! I love it

Us at the table in Brandy's!!

This resteraunt was featured on the food network and so we thought we'd try it out!! We ate there the night before and loved it so much we went back for breakfast our last day there. It was really good!!!!

This trip was so much fun and not to much drama! Except for the last night there Brian's truck got broken into and the stole our GPS!!!! But worse than that, they also stole my TENS unit!!It is a device that I stick to my back with 4 different patches and the unit send electrical shocks to my nerves and muscles and helps to relieve the pain!!! That being stolen was like them taking the whole freakin car!!!! and the sad part is the person or persons involved probably opened up that pouch and thought what the heck is this and threw it in the trash!!! If only they knew!!! Thanks Officer Kellogg for all the help!!! YYYYOOOOUUUURRRR GGGRRREEEAAATTT!!

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Cheryl said...

How fun for you guys but how sad for the break-in! Where did you guys rent that house? It looks fun! Love the picture of you and Brian by the canyon.