Thursday, July 30, 2009

I want to know what the Pioneers did......

ORGANIZATION.............that started out as a cuss word in my house, anyone who even mentioned the word was going to walk the plank!!! I started out at IKEA on Tues after my Dr. appt, and bought the place out with stuff to organize my house with ( love IKEA but hate the fact you have to put it all together yourself) thanks to Brian and Becca it is ALL put to gether and so the organizing begins!! Doyle's room was a success and after a tote and 2 garbage bags his room is my new, can i say MASTERPIECE!!! seriously it is beautiful!!! Then is was on to Kaely's room and Cambry's new night stand and lamp that she just loves!!! I have come to the conclusion that those two girls will constantly have a work in progress with their rooms!!! but anywho, last night I started the office and wow was I amazed at how much I actually didn't have together!!! 12:00am came around and my day caught up with me so I folded some laundry and made sure Brian's work pants were in the dryer and he had clean socks all the while watching Failure to Launch!!! Matthew McConaughey makes staying up that late to clean so bareable!!! (Know what i mean) I hope to have picture soon but for reals What DID the pioneer women do!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cluff Family 09

Becky took this family picture for us at Melissa and Chris's wedding on Wednesday!!! We now officially have a new family pic!!! Thanks Bec Love ya

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

America's Birthday Party

Thanks to Aunt Becky we had Cupcakes with a candle in them to celebrate America's Birthday!! I thought that was a really good idea so the kids new why we had fireworks every 4th of july and what the special day meant!!!!

It totally looks like Doyle Peed on Brian but he didn't thank goodness. His suit was wet when he fell asleep on dad!!!!They partied WaY to hard!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Splish SPLASH!!!!!!

After the Parade, we took the kids to aunt susan's and let them cool off!!! Uncle justin bought everybody lunch and we had a blast gettin wet and wild!!!!

Toad bein cute as Ever!

This happend alot!!! Richard got his exercise in for the year!!!

On the move! Bubba D

Richard sure got a workout in, Cambry loved how high he could throw her!!!

In swim team this year Kaely learned how to dive and has been at it ever since!! SHe is so determined and I love that about her!

she was taught to dive into a hula hoop that was in the water

and she does so good!!

I love love love little kids in goggles!! It is the cutest thing EVER!!!! Here is Cam doing what she does best!!!!! PARTAY

(she goes in the same way i do, Nose plugged) :)

Splish Splash

So Doyle tells me to watch what he can do!!!

(I had no idea he was this brave)

(yep, that's a front flip)

(and in he goes no prob)

he did this at the Pima pool off their diving board for the first time,

needless to say I almost went in after him right after the lifeguard and I

picked our jaws up off the deck!!! It was his first time off the board and I had

just got done telling her that when he did this!!! FREAked me out!!!

"Mom, Blog this"

So Cam came to me the other morning and said "Hey mom, look what I did for my breakfast, can you blog this" how could I say no. IT'S A MASTERPIECE!!!! This looks official watch out paula deen and rachel ray there's a NEW girl in town!!!

"OUR" 4th

We had a great 4th this year!! This post is how we ended the day (sorry got it backwards) This was the Fireworks show they had at the Fairgrounds and we were among great entertainment including Savannah Jack! The kids were the best part of th night!!! We had a blast with the cluff's and Harmon's!!!!
(Me Doyle Brian and our goofy Hunter man)
(I love these two YUMMY boys)

Me and Toad

(Brian me Justin and Bec) We're lookin AWESOME!

And then it begins

Like I said "great entertainment"

One word yum (Hunter and Doyle)

This picture is kinda well sad, Cam is havin the time of her life
but if you look in lower right hand corner I actually got the shot of
Logan's head connecting with Doyle's head and boy can you feel it!!!!

Kaely and Megan cute girlies

Cam and Kiersten I love these two Yep they are going way to fast!

Kaely 10, Kiersten 7, Cambry 8

Hunter 5, Logan 3, Doyle 4

Me and Brian Sure love this guy!!!

Kiersten, Justin, Bec, Stace and Richard
Bec brings the party!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It WAS a Happy 4th of July!!!!!

We did a float this year for the 4th of July Parade that was down main in Safford! Becky's dad made this adorable wagon and the kids road on the back with the horses he made also! It was so much fun. Becky and I had candy in hard hats that we threw to the kids!!! It was a fun memory to make and I know the kids loved it too!!!!