Monday, July 20, 2009

Splish SPLASH!!!!!!

After the Parade, we took the kids to aunt susan's and let them cool off!!! Uncle justin bought everybody lunch and we had a blast gettin wet and wild!!!!

Toad bein cute as Ever!

This happend alot!!! Richard got his exercise in for the year!!!

On the move! Bubba D

Richard sure got a workout in, Cambry loved how high he could throw her!!!

In swim team this year Kaely learned how to dive and has been at it ever since!! SHe is so determined and I love that about her!

she was taught to dive into a hula hoop that was in the water

and she does so good!!

I love love love little kids in goggles!! It is the cutest thing EVER!!!! Here is Cam doing what she does best!!!!! PARTAY

(she goes in the same way i do, Nose plugged) :)

Splish Splash

So Doyle tells me to watch what he can do!!!

(I had no idea he was this brave)

(yep, that's a front flip)

(and in he goes no prob)

he did this at the Pima pool off their diving board for the first time,

needless to say I almost went in after him right after the lifeguard and I

picked our jaws up off the deck!!! It was his first time off the board and I had

just got done telling her that when he did this!!! FREAked me out!!!

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