Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late night Sunday post!!!

safford circus April 2011

Bryn Mary Hilda June 2011
Kaely Primary activity day June 2011
Me and Tyler June 2011

Mary hilda mt graham June 2011 love this guy!!!

its crazy when midnight comes around and im still a kickin!!! Cause by 3pm I wondering how in the heck I am going to make it through dinner time ( which lately is around 7) and bath and bed times which are done all by myself cause my husband works like it's going out style!!! What, I'm not complaining, okay a little but I'm done now, except, did I mention I feel like a single mom with 4 kids and a guy that comes home and eats my dinners and watches me and my kids sometimes and laughs at some of the things they do but mostly reads his dog forum, OKAY now I'm done!!! If he's reading this, You are the best dadgum hardest worker I know, and I think you're pretty hot too :)
I was thinking today as Kaely and I were sitting on my bed eating Ice cream, Yeah I know its not on the Paleo thing, but man was it good! But i love my girls, they are my best friends, sure they can make me want to stick my tongue out at them sometimes, but mostly I love their company!!! I missed Cam while she was in Taylor with my sister Heather and their family, they kept her sooo friggin busy that now she is bored out of her mind and wants a pig, chickens, and a meat packing plant so she has something to do during the day.
We drove to Benson today and blessed my new nephew Tyler, what a little (big) cutie he is, he's delish!!!! It was fun hanging with fam!!!!
I can't wait for our trip this Friday, I am so excited that I want to just pack tomorrow and leave and wait at the airport till Friday at 6:45am when our flight leaves!!! What....
Tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy!!! Lots of laundry and packing!!! anyone want to come help......what

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A locket in his pocket....

Tonight as I was doing a load of towels I got to a pair of pants of Doyles! Being six I NEVER know what I'm going to find!!! Kinda scary sometimes! Well this time his pants pocket was heavy and it had me giggling!! I think my husband thought I was enjoying doing the laundry a little too much ( wrongo). It got me thinking ( deep thinking) I just got after this sweet boy of mine for getting out of his bed for the onemillionth time! How many more times am I going to have to kiss his cute little lips everytime I put him back in bed( I get onemillion) kissed a night! And how many times am I going to find a " locket in his pocket".
I love finding little boy treasures! So I guess doing laundry EVERYSINGLE day isn't sooo bad!!!
Who am I kidding, but it really will b a sad day when their hampers r empty, cause that means so will their rooms and that means life has taken on a different route for me!
There will b a day I miss the fingerprints on the newly washed window, the mounds of laundry, the full sink of sippy cups and half eaten PB&J's, the kisses at night b 4 bed! The smell of newly bathed babies with that sweet sweet lotion on and yes even more

....the lockets in his pockets!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

look what I'm making tomorrow........

If I can function that is!!! Having a searies of Steriod injections today in Tucson, Wish me luck and say some prayers!!! I'll need them
Luv ya much

This has got to be.......

The most inspiring week EVER!!! It's one of those weeks where the house stays a little bit more cluttered, laundry a little more piled up and dinner a little more on the " take out" side of things! AND It's ok! I've really been focusing on making my children feel more loved and far more appreciated! It's been my goal for this month, to step back and see the major potential my kids really have!! WOW IT'S BEEN AMAZING!! I have had to slow down a bit and not take soooo much for granted!!! I'm trying this in the husband category also!! This has been eye opening for me'!!! I have a new motto for motherhood and it's "example" and I'm trying really hard to stick by this! Treat my family how I'd like to b treated! Do unto them as i would want done unto me!!! My girls have been absolute rock stars since this last bout with my knee! And also my back!!! Yep 34 and already needing to be traded in for a newer model!! Haha
I don't think I was giving them enough credit where credit was due!! I feel like I'm kinda taking motherhood in strides, it's a wonderful feeling, but I also wish I had taken this on when I was a first time mom!!!
I'm now more grateful, sensitive, quiet, reassured, hopeful, thoughtful, and thankful! Even though there ate still days I'd like to scream into a pillow or run out my front door screaming for some help ( that's a funny mental picture right there) I for sure have my days, I'm seeing motherhood in a whole new light! And the future seem to be pretty bright!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Can you wrap yourself around pain...Cambry did

Tonight is grateful sorrow in so many ways! Is there such a thing! I just dropped my 2nd oldest sweet girl off to my older sister in Globe!!! She is spending 4-5 days there! She loves it, the company, the chores, having Hebbie, Trevor, Cody and Wyatt all to herself! No sharing! I will miss her terribly! She asked right before we went our separate ways if she could call me' even at 1 am if she was scared! You bet I told her! She smiled, gave me' a hug and jumped happily in the truck!! Made my heart happy that she was so happy!!!

The pain in my back is excruciating! It's beyond one Valium, I'm one to one and a half and the knife driving pain is still biting to the bone! I still fill grateful for my trial, can I say that! I just did! I AM!!! my pain got my beautiful baby girl to her aunt Hebbie and uncle Trevor, who she loves!!! And that smile on her face as we said our goodbyes is worth all this pain, ten fold!!! I love you toad! Have a super fun week!!! Luv mom

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's monday

2 loads of laundry done
Protein drink consumed...yummy
best blessing ever from my sweet Honey
kids still in's 7 am
kitchen almost clean
painting getting started
making our "going to Washington chain" today
we leave in 19 excited
taking the kids swimming...trying to wear these sweethearts out!!!!
already takin the painkiller.....geesh....but still smiling
Happy Monday

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the 7th day He rested

Doyle told me today he was sooooo bored! I told him that it was Sunday and it was a day of rest! "no it's not he argued, why can't I do something fun like swim at Mimi and Papa's house! I tried my best to get my six year old to understand why we don't do those activities on Sunday! He wasn't having it! So I finally told him, it took Heavenly Father six days to make the earth and he was so tired that he chose the 7 the 7th day to rest! I half expected him to back at me' with, well I didn't build and earth mom, but he just looked at me' with those big blue eyes and said "I have to sleep all day"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here I go.....AGAIN

me modeling the bows Amanda and I made 2011

Why is it that just when you feel like life has thrown you that break......Bam!!!!It snaps again!! I had a great run of 4 months with my last set of back injections..Did I mention those hurt soooooo bad! 9months-2yrs is what I was told I should get out them for pain relief, welp 4 months later its valium and Tramadol to help my back not tighten up and go into massive spasm. I'd rather have childbirth,without an epidural, in the back of a cab in New York, whild being dragged down the road and hitting my head on the ground the whole time.....get the picture!
So it's back to Dr.Chase, a most remarkable man who knows just where to put those injections of steroids in my back so that by the next morning i am whistling while I work again. I really dont want to be in pain when we go visit Shawna and Ben and the kids in Washington next month. I want to enjoy myself, I miss them terribly!!!
Did I mention I miss them TERRIBLY!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Summertime is full of.....
sleeping in
early morning cartoons
the smell of sunscreen
and no where we HAVE
to be....I'm beginning to LOVE