Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here I go.....AGAIN

me modeling the bows Amanda and I made 2011

Why is it that just when you feel like life has thrown you that break......Bam!!!!It snaps again!! I had a great run of 4 months with my last set of back injections..Did I mention those hurt soooooo bad! 9months-2yrs is what I was told I should get out them for pain relief, welp 4 months later its valium and Tramadol to help my back not tighten up and go into massive spasm. I'd rather have childbirth,without an epidural, in the back of a cab in New York, whild being dragged down the road and hitting my head on the ground the whole time.....get the picture!
So it's back to Dr.Chase, a most remarkable man who knows just where to put those injections of steroids in my back so that by the next morning i am whistling while I work again. I really dont want to be in pain when we go visit Shawna and Ben and the kids in Washington next month. I want to enjoy myself, I miss them terribly!!!
Did I mention I miss them TERRIBLY!!!!!


Shawna said...

I miss you terribly too! Are you still going to see him 2 weeks before you come up here or are you going sooner? Hope you feel better soon! love you.

Tifani said...

I go in on June 21st!!! uuuggghhh wish me luck!!!love you

Audrey Spence said...

Boo on your back! Well hopefully things keep progressing and getting better. That is so frustrating! I know my back has been sore but I can't even imagine your pain. I'm lucky enough mine can be solved by a chiropractor. You will be in our prayers! Keep staying strong! You can do it!