Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late night Sunday post!!!

safford circus April 2011

Bryn Mary Hilda June 2011
Kaely Primary activity day June 2011
Me and Tyler June 2011

Mary hilda mt graham June 2011 love this guy!!!

its crazy when midnight comes around and im still a kickin!!! Cause by 3pm I wondering how in the heck I am going to make it through dinner time ( which lately is around 7) and bath and bed times which are done all by myself cause my husband works like it's going out style!!! What, I'm not complaining, okay a little but I'm done now, except, did I mention I feel like a single mom with 4 kids and a guy that comes home and eats my dinners and watches me and my kids sometimes and laughs at some of the things they do but mostly reads his dog forum, OKAY now I'm done!!! If he's reading this, You are the best dadgum hardest worker I know, and I think you're pretty hot too :)
I was thinking today as Kaely and I were sitting on my bed eating Ice cream, Yeah I know its not on the Paleo thing, but man was it good! But i love my girls, they are my best friends, sure they can make me want to stick my tongue out at them sometimes, but mostly I love their company!!! I missed Cam while she was in Taylor with my sister Heather and their family, they kept her sooo friggin busy that now she is bored out of her mind and wants a pig, chickens, and a meat packing plant so she has something to do during the day.
We drove to Benson today and blessed my new nephew Tyler, what a little (big) cutie he is, he's delish!!!! It was fun hanging with fam!!!!
I can't wait for our trip this Friday, I am so excited that I want to just pack tomorrow and leave and wait at the airport till Friday at 6:45am when our flight leaves!!! What....
Tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy!!! Lots of laundry and packing!!! anyone want to come help......what

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Sue said...

I remember late nights with vaccuming and cleaning, getting the Ward's Primary classes organized, getting ready for trips, all those crazy wonderful nights which sometimes I would like to revisit (maybe once or twice)!!!
I loved being a young mother with the most precious children EVER!!!