Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dirty 6

I went to Mesa for the Dirty 6 run that my friends did and was an excellent support system
for them!! HAHAHA! we had so much fun!!!!!
Me and Cori Jensen Baker
Erin, me, Heather Bethany Amanda and Brooke

Joy and I!!!! She is adorable!!!

Thanks ladies for such a fun weekend!!! Let's do this again!!! only next time I hope to be doing
it with you!!!!

Messin around

Brynlee and I are loving these last days of school with Doyle!!
we get to spend days filled with
Ice Cream cones
snow cones
playing at the park
I Love these days

Cousin Fun

We got to have Kiersten and Hunter over for the day and we had a blast
The girls made us strawberry drinks and they all had their own
hot tub...They thought of this all by themselves
Hunter boy in his "hot tub" I love this kid
Kaely and Brynlee.. she chose skinny dipping
Cambry just being cute
Our sweet Kiersten
The Drinks....they were delish

Piano recital

This was Cambry's first year in Piano and we loved her teacher. Miss Erin was so good and the girls learned a lot from her.
Miss Erin's piano students

Brynlee and Daddy go to work

Brynlee and I went to visit Dad out on the job and daddy to her for a ride to check on the crew!!! She loved it