Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My baby brother turns 30

Happy Birthday Rex!!!!
I sure love ya and hope you get spoiled rotten today
cause your in Washington
Living it up with the Bryan's and Kevin
Probably having so much fun
and missing me
You make me Happy when skies are gray!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Teenager

So our sweet Kaely Sue turned 13 on the 18th of April....Wow I can't believe how fast the time has flown!!!! She is AAAAAmazing and we love having her in our lives!!!!

She had a friend party at our house the weekend of her birthday and it was a blast!!! Hebbie and the boys even made it!!!!
Of course we can't have a party without frosting on the face!!! Way to go Hebbie

We also got to have Shelby for the weekend!!! It was a BLAST
Happy Birthday Kaely.....We love you

Happy Birthday Kaely.......13

So the last 13 years sure have been full of events.......
You were our first born, first blessed, first crawler
first walker, first talker, first to be potty trained, first daughter,first grand baby on both sides, first 25Th anniversary grand baby for Grammie
and Grandpa,
first to make my sister aunts, and my brothers Uncles
and my mom and Dad a Mimi and a Papa,
Flo a great aunt!
Me a mom
Daddy a Dad
I love everything you have taught me in these first 13 years of your life
You have taught me what it means to be a mom
To be a friend
To be the enemy
to be the rescuer
the discipliner
the most important
the most loved
the not so coolest
the coolest
the most confused
the most scared
the happiest
I love you Kaely!!

Visiting Daddy....

We got to visit daddy out on the job today!!! He needed our assistance!
Brynlee was a HuGe help to Daddy.....the truckers even
honked their horns at her
Which she thought was pretty dang sweet!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My days are filled.....

Spinning 16~18 miles 5 days a week sometimes 6 days a week on one of these bad boys...AWEsoME

With sweet conversations about SomEtHiNG important in the eyes
of my 2 year old..
filling bottles
watching HOP
Watching Hop
filling bottles
changing Diapers
making sure I eat every 2~3 hours
fixing dinners
and loving on my kiddos
Pain free
It's amazing how this stuff isn't so bad when you feel pretty good!!!
Good Luck to my sweet friend Stephanie Nielson...Here is to a speedy recovery!!! Luv u
Go Here for her amazing New Book....Heaven is Here

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break started out at the Cheesecake Factory and shopping..
Then off to scottsdale for some much needed pictures
It was so much fun to have these 3 all to myself all weekend!!!
Daddy got us a room in Scottsdale and we swam and
did Amazing Jakes and had late night dinners and snacks..
It was just what all 4 of us needed...
Thanks to Grammie for keeping Bryn!!!
I love my kids and I'm thankful for all the time I get with them....we had a blast!!!

Night swimming and then off to In N Out burger for some late night snacks!!! Yummy

Mimi's cafe is our favorite Place for breakfast!!!
Me feeling Pain Free.... It was so nice to just focus on my kiddos and not worry about being in Pain
Crepes make everything better.....
Luv this little guy!! He took such good care of me on this trip.. He would open my doors and hold my hand as I went up the stairs and would carry my bags....he gave his daddy a run for his money :)

Me chillin Poolside
This was my view from my bed in the condo that we stayed in... He's the best!!!

Kaely and Megan enjoying some Amazing Jakes time!!! It was so fun to have Megan tag along. Kaely loved it!!!!These two are growing up so fast!!!! I wish I could just freeze time!!

The kids were rockstars on the climbing wall!!!!

Easter 2012

Easter 2012
It was full of Egg dying, daddy time, and just being lazy....mmmmm delish
Bryn was really into the egg thing this year. It made it all the more enjoyable!!! we sure do love this girl

The kids did a lot of swimming at the Hacketts too. We love you guys!!!
There is always a party at the Hacketts!!!

I was beginning to think I didn't have Bubba D around this weekend, but here he is with his good buddy Jack!!!! These kids are fish.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Movie night

I cant remember which movie it was we saw but it turned out to be a very fun night....thanks wood family for entertaining us.....luv u guys
Yeah we r hot!!!!!

These are a few of my favorite things.........

The girls did it again....threw one amazing party!!!! Yep my birthday party was a favorite things party that was so so fun!!! I love these girls......party was a hit.......
Amanda Lynn......the one who got it all to work.....she is AMAZING!!! Luv you girl
Me, Rachel and cutie patootie.......Junie
Maryann and I....Luv her
Me and Marci....I look HORRIBLE>>>>> I gain weight with each year older I get....geesh
Cori Jensen Baker...me...Erin...manda.....totes adorbs girls
Cori,me,erin,amada and Taylor...good times
Amanda Larson and me....
To say that i am blessed with the greatest friends is an understatement...These girls are a party in a party! Thank you for giving the best 35th a girl could ask for..... luv you