Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break started out at the Cheesecake Factory and shopping..
Then off to scottsdale for some much needed pictures
It was so much fun to have these 3 all to myself all weekend!!!
Daddy got us a room in Scottsdale and we swam and
did Amazing Jakes and had late night dinners and snacks..
It was just what all 4 of us needed...
Thanks to Grammie for keeping Bryn!!!
I love my kids and I'm thankful for all the time I get with them....we had a blast!!!

Night swimming and then off to In N Out burger for some late night snacks!!! Yummy

Mimi's cafe is our favorite Place for breakfast!!!
Me feeling Pain Free.... It was so nice to just focus on my kiddos and not worry about being in Pain
Crepes make everything better.....
Luv this little guy!! He took such good care of me on this trip.. He would open my doors and hold my hand as I went up the stairs and would carry my bags....he gave his daddy a run for his money :)

Me chillin Poolside
This was my view from my bed in the condo that we stayed in... He's the best!!!

Kaely and Megan enjoying some Amazing Jakes time!!! It was so fun to have Megan tag along. Kaely loved it!!!!These two are growing up so fast!!!! I wish I could just freeze time!!

The kids were rockstars on the climbing wall!!!!

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Audrey Spence said...

You basically ate at all my favorite food places. What a fun spring break! And Mimi's is pretty dang awesome for breakfast. I haven't been there in a couple years!