Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Shawna and Becky!!!! Love ya guys

I just wanted my amazing sis Shawna to know that I am so sorry she is not feeling good and that I am thinking of her. I hope this passes quick for ya!!! I hate the flu!! Love ya and hang in there. I wish so bad that I lived closer so I could help you out!!!! Not that that does any good from here but just to let you know your being thought of!!! Love ya Shamoms

And another shout out to my awesome sis in law Becky!!! You are amazing and I am so glad I have ya. I hope you get to feeling better too!!! Love ya and let me know if there is anything eles I can do for ya!!!! Love ya tons

Monday, March 30, 2009


She's amazing.....what a sweetie!!!!

So last night as I was standing in the kitchen completely overwhelmed by my feelings of how I was doing as a mom and wife, I thought about my three little kiddos and if what i was doing for them or with them was enough.
ENOUGH....."sufficient to meet a need or satisfy a desire; adequate"
I went into each one of their rooms to check on them at that moment and asked myself. what do i need to do to better myself as a person so I can give them one hundred percent of me,mom. I tend to look at other moms and think "wow, how do they keep it all in check and still have feelings of being enough for their families. some with 3, 4, and 5 kids. What, more than three how do they do it. I see their homes clean and their cars cleaned out, their kids hair done every time you see them and they are always early to church all the while the crock pot was turned on and rolls set out and dinner will be waiting, yummy, for them when they return. Their houses stay clean on the weekend and things are ready for the next week to start. (I know nothing is as it seems but man they are some pretty good fakers then :)
WHAT THE!!!! Then last night as i was standing in the kitchen talking to Brian, something we do on a regular basis, and I love the advice he sometimes "throws" at me! I asked him what it is that keeps him going on a task, through all of it!!! The beginning, middle and end. He is so good at what he does and sometimes I feel when he gets home that I have run and run and run all day long and at the end of the day you would have thought I sat on the couch watching Opera and eating bon bons all day. Although that would be YUMMY and full filling I know I have busted my "little" (I know, I daydream alot) booty all day long and at the end I am so tired I think I put sugar in when salt was asked for and vacuumed the lawn when it was supposed to be mowed. Am i making any sense.
I said "you are motivated by the fact that if you don't finish a job you don't get paid, then your business falters and your family starves and suffers. He said "Tif if you don't do your job as a mother and wife your family starves and suffers too" Wow, I knew that, but just hearing those words come from his ever fine lips, which I love to kiss on A LOT!!! IT struck me hard and got me thinking in a different way!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM3mlgLAlMs (this is a little in sert that was amazing. makes me love my sweetie even more watch this) I am to hard on myself. Tif, chill a little, take it one day at a time. Just savor every day. It's that simple?, really?, no but if we take a deep breath and jump into motherhood and dive into wifery (is that a word?) we can do whatever is thrown our way. I want my kids to look back on their childhood and see a mom who was willing to go to the park when the dishes weren't done or the laundry was still on the couch waiting to be folded (ha ha, my towels are on my couch waiting to be folded and tucked snugly in my linen cabinets) I want them to look back and think "Yep, mom was ENOUGH"
I went in to their rooms and found them all off to dreamland, the best place ever, and had to capture that moment right then and there.
I loved it and can't wait to do this all over again tomorrow.
Wish us luck and good good luck to all you mom's out there. We're all in this together (WHAT, did i just high school musical that) You are Enough for your family.....always remember that!!!!love ya all

These babies mean everything to me!!!!! I wonder what is going through her tiny thought's right now!!!!! HHHMMM you never know

YUMMY!!!!! Look at those lips.....just delish

Safford WInds......FOR THE LOVE

So this is what happens when you park in your driveway in front of the basketball hoop and it's not securely fastened to the wall and you have 30 mile an hour winds for 4 days straight,. It went right through the windshield.....Brian told the guy to just fill it.....he laughed out loud...WHAT?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confessions of a "Stay-at-home-mom"

Wow, today is one of those days you wish you were sitting on a beach in let's say Hawaii, the breeze is blowing through your hair and the sun is gently kissing your back! You hear the ocean crawling to the sand and for a minute you waltz off to dreamland. There is no other noise just the rhythm of your breathing and it's soothing!!!!

OKAY, enough of that! I was getting to ahead of myself here!!!!!!!!! Cambry yelling from the other room that Doyle is jumping on my bed that I just made and all the while Doyle is laughing and cheerfully annoyingly announcing that he is jumping on my bed and loving that I haven't come in to 'tear" his cute little self off of it!!!!

The yelling and the fighting, wasn't there a general authority or a prophet that counseled us to have peace and harmony in our homes, no contention and obeying our fathers and mothers. Isn't there supposed to be laundry done and shopping put away and Sunday clothes lay ed out for Sunday!!

What is it that I am not doing or doing for that matter that leaves me with an "it's so far out of hand I might as well just let them catch the house on fire so the messes in every room will disappear faster than I could get them to clean them and probably be A LOT cheaper since I promised a dollar for the first room cleaned and every room after they get a quarter. What, now they want to "clean" the garage. SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!

I don't understand why they want to be in and of the house when it is a popcorn popping on the apricot kind of day outside. This thought takes me back to my Hawaiian paradise dream and allows me to drown out the sound of jelly beans being thrown all over the front room all the while they are so happy for the buck fifty they just made.

So i guess as I take myself from this post I will calmly heard them out the back door to enjoy that little bit of heaven Heavenly Father gave us to enjoy....the sun :) I will reflect that two rooms in the house are clean , thanks to these happy energetic little spirits I have running through the house, I have an empty garbage in the kitchen and the floor is swept with the table cleared off, thanks to my wonderful awesome neighbor who just pops in to say hi, save my sanity, and show me how much she loves me and my humble home with a smile and sweep. Becca you are the greatest and I love ya tons.

I will thank My Heavenly Father for all he has blessed me with in my life and do all I can today to make tomorrow as peaceful and harmonious as it can be. I hope if you stop by today the house is somewhat picked up and the ironing done (oh wait, I don't iron) and the clothes are in the dryer on the wrinkle cycle, and I am sitting in my room while my children are watching a church video and are reciting everything they hear because they want to be happy and calm all day!!!
I can daydream right :)

I guess this is what I love about my life right now. I know for a fact one day I will give anything to hear little Hunter come in, where ever i am, and say "Tiffy, can we let the puppies out to play with us" in his little Hunter voice he has that melts my heart!!! I know for a fact that I will give anything for Camtoad to come in and smile me her 4 toothless smile and tell me she has a great idea for the kids. And Yes I will miss Doyle coming in on his tiptoes holding his bum telling me has to poop and he wants me to come in to wipe him the first time he "calls" for me!!!!
I will also give anything for little Emily Goodman to come through my front door on a mission to find who ever is in the house and see what she has collected today. Usually a rock or a leaf but man she finds some good ones. I love her little laugh and how contagious it is!!!!

It doesn't get any better than this..........at least until tomorrow comes to town!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York City....Day #4

This is ground zero now. it is unreal how close all the buildings are around this section of town!

My store!!!!!
These next few pictures are for Brian!!!! and jounaling

down wall street

He checks this websight every night ;)

I thought this was hilarious!!!!!!! REALLY!!!FOR THE LOVE

Brian and the bull

THis was amazing to me.

CLick on this so you can read what it says. AMAZING

I had to do the famous jumping shot!!!!

The Statue of Liberty

This was a fun fun day!!!

These people used eachother as ladders and step stools. what?

Us infron of the Brooklyn Bridge

The 9/11 memorial wall. This was unreal

This was the station right across the street from the Twin towers and they were the first to respond to the call. all of their firemen were killed at station #10 cause they were the first ones to the top. This Firetruck had a huge flag painted on the side and all of the firemen's names that were lost on that day are painted on the truck also. While we were looking at this station they got a call. It was kinda eerie

More 9/11 construction shots

This was the cemetary that is right across the street and you can see all the headstones that were damaged but salvageable/ they are the darker ones with the black marks on them. Crazy

This sign is on the gate that goes into the cemetary

I thought this was a cool ad. It was painted on the side of a skyscraper

Meet Thursday's Playdate......Lindsay Goodman 6 months

This was the little piece of heaven that I got to devour today!!! She is sweeter than the White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!! YUMMY!!! I love watching her every minute I can. She even has uncle Brian wrapped around her little finger!!! He lights up when he sees her!!!! I love it. Can't wait for one of our own to love on but not have to give back!!!!! No announcement just daydreaming ;)

Updating.....The Pima Air Museum


The Saturday before we left for New York City we decided to take the kids on a little spring break/family vacation. We took them to the Pima air show and the zoo and this is when kaely and I went SHOPPING!!!! We had so much fun with the kids!! We were also REALLY ready to go on our trip after the weekend was over!! ;)

We have the strongest kids ever!!!

Here we are. The President and first lady.....we were so tired of pictures at this point (GEESH PEOPLE REALLY)?

The First family!!! They are such humble kids!!! I didn't take a photo of what the plane looks like when they get off of it!!! That's better left alone ;)

Doyle flying the plane (yes, we teach them very young to fly)

Here is the cockpit crew (doesn't this just make you want to fly with us)

Bubba D and his Daddy



I love this picture!!! Cambry's flying, Doyle looks terrified and Kaely is holdin on for dear life!!!

I love my little man!!!

Camtoad flashin her million dollar smile!!!! Love ya sweetie

If you look our anniversary is on here. Mostly why I took the picture, You'll have to click on the picture to tell you what it's really about ;)

New York City......Day #3

This was a little field right across the street from the Hospital where most of the victims were treated after 9/11. These are little messages that were put on the fence,. I thought it was crazy that there were still some left after this much time has past since that day!!!
This is a typical view in New York. A sea of yellow Taxi's

Me on the bus tour in down town New York

The Hershey store!!! It smelled so good inside!

The buildings were amazing in this city

me and my honey!!! Crazy Crazy, I think thats why we have so much fun!!! Love ya Babe

My first ride in a New York Taxi, or any Taxi for that matter

The New York Manhattan Temple......Beautiful

Here we are in front of the Temple