Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NYC will have to wait :(

Those words coming out of my mouth still bring tears to my eyes and now little pressure to my once thobbing pounding head! I came down with a sinus infection yesterday, kinda started Sunday, (happy birthday to me) and it got incredibly worse as the days crawled on. I finally went to see the Doc this morning and he put me on an antibiotic and some really good nose spray(don't ya think Dad) but while fighting all of this pressure and CRAP a most obnactiaus migraine joined this party!!! REALLY (for the love) So Brian and I decided with tears rolling down my face and the pressure making dang sure I knew it was right behind my eyes, that maybe we should pospone our trip and hopfully do it next week.
After reading about the weather tonight I don't think it is a bad idea after all.
I am feeling little better, and had an awesome steak dinner tonight with green beans and scalloped potatoes, thanks to my wonderful amazingfriend and best EVER neighbor Becca. (I love ya tons and thanks so much it was delish)
Well with little pressure and a clean kitchen I think I will join dreamland thanks to a little white pill!
Good night, sleep tight
Hugs and kisses


Steph said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry Tiff! Get Better Quick!

Allred's said...

Oh so sorry you have to postpone, what a bummer, I seriously hope you feel better soon and by the way, your hair look so fantastic a few pics down. I love it. Happy Happy Birthday