Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York City....Day #4

This is ground zero now. it is unreal how close all the buildings are around this section of town!

My store!!!!!
These next few pictures are for Brian!!!! and jounaling

down wall street

He checks this websight every night ;)

I thought this was hilarious!!!!!!! REALLY!!!FOR THE LOVE

Brian and the bull

THis was amazing to me.

CLick on this so you can read what it says. AMAZING

I had to do the famous jumping shot!!!!

The Statue of Liberty

This was a fun fun day!!!

These people used eachother as ladders and step stools. what?

Us infron of the Brooklyn Bridge

The 9/11 memorial wall. This was unreal

This was the station right across the street from the Twin towers and they were the first to respond to the call. all of their firemen were killed at station #10 cause they were the first ones to the top. This Firetruck had a huge flag painted on the side and all of the firemen's names that were lost on that day are painted on the truck also. While we were looking at this station they got a call. It was kinda eerie

More 9/11 construction shots

This was the cemetary that is right across the street and you can see all the headstones that were damaged but salvageable/ they are the darker ones with the black marks on them. Crazy

This sign is on the gate that goes into the cemetary

I thought this was a cool ad. It was painted on the side of a skyscraper


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I love the picture of you guys with the statue of liberty behind you. All the pics looked like you had fun. Glad you were able to get away!