Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York City......Day #3

This was a little field right across the street from the Hospital where most of the victims were treated after 9/11. These are little messages that were put on the fence,. I thought it was crazy that there were still some left after this much time has past since that day!!!
This is a typical view in New York. A sea of yellow Taxi's

Me on the bus tour in down town New York

The Hershey store!!! It smelled so good inside!

The buildings were amazing in this city

me and my honey!!! Crazy Crazy, I think thats why we have so much fun!!! Love ya Babe

My first ride in a New York Taxi, or any Taxi for that matter

The New York Manhattan Temple......Beautiful

Here we are in front of the Temple

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Daze of our lives said...

i'm having fun reading about your trip! there is nothing like traveling and seeing new places!