Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My home for the next 5 days!!!! HOLY CRAP

Brian showed me last night where our hotel is. We are right in Time Square!!! I am so excited. I can't wait!!! We leave Wed night at 10:00 and then the fun begins!! I'll take tons of pics and post when I get back. Love you all

The New York Marriott Marquis
this is our hotel :)


Steph said...

Have fun! Sounds like I will miss you on Monday but I will be in Safford Thurs-Sat. I can't wait to see you and hear about your trip. Did I mention that I am excited for you? You are going to the most exciting place around! Believe me, 5 days will just scratch the surface on what you will be seeing. More advice...do a dinner boat cruise. They are fun and a good way to see the Statue of Liberty. I have heard the trip out to Ellis Island is pretty much a waste due to all the security after 9-11. HAVE FUN, GIRL!!!

Steph said...

What hotel is that?

The K. family said...

I must say, Tif. Brian knows how to treat a woman right! He needs to talk to his cousin...Nathan. (Just kidding, kinda, :p ) I do read your blog constantly and I love your post! Thanks for your compliments on Hayden. He truly is an amazing kid! Watching him grow and learn is amazing. I love this person he is becoming. I love his morals, his ideas, his steps into becoming this amazing individual. It's so much fun to watch this young man emerging from this baby boy I produced. As you know with your kids! Mommyhood rocks!

Nicole said...

I am so jealous! That sounds like so much fun! I will miss you at our girls day on Monday though!

Cheryl said...

Holy Cow! I am so JELEOUS! What a fun trip to go on... maybe someday... sigh :)