Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updating.....The Pima Air Museum


The Saturday before we left for New York City we decided to take the kids on a little spring break/family vacation. We took them to the Pima air show and the zoo and this is when kaely and I went SHOPPING!!!! We had so much fun with the kids!! We were also REALLY ready to go on our trip after the weekend was over!! ;)

We have the strongest kids ever!!!

Here we are. The President and first lady.....we were so tired of pictures at this point (GEESH PEOPLE REALLY)?

The First family!!! They are such humble kids!!! I didn't take a photo of what the plane looks like when they get off of it!!! That's better left alone ;)

Doyle flying the plane (yes, we teach them very young to fly)

Here is the cockpit crew (doesn't this just make you want to fly with us)

Bubba D and his Daddy



I love this picture!!! Cambry's flying, Doyle looks terrified and Kaely is holdin on for dear life!!!

I love my little man!!!

Camtoad flashin her million dollar smile!!!! Love ya sweetie

If you look our anniversary is on here. Mostly why I took the picture, You'll have to click on the picture to tell you what it's really about ;)

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