Monday, March 9, 2009

Warning....You need to do a weekly "BREAD"exam..

I realized after my last shopping trip that I need to do a weekly "BREAD" exam. Becca came over for us to do our nightly walk and I was still putting groceries away so she helped me. LOVE HER!!!! While she was throwing out the empty cereal boxes (whole other post,geesh!) I found this bag of used to be dinner rolls that had been pushed to the back of the cupboard, no this was the 3rd bag of moldy bread we found. I had no idea it was in there and we eat alot of stuff out of that cupboard, I am in there at least 50 times a day and never once did I see any signs of this. GROSS!!!! (by the way Becca made me take a picture of this so I could do a post of it) We were laughing so hard we were crying!!!!! Dinner anyone!

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