Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Starting of a new day...could it be...GREAT!!!

I Have accomplished getting ALL of my stuff unpacked and start the ever dreading task of all the laundry two people accumulated over the past week. GEESH!!!! (not complaining;)

Plus fall back into the demanding yet rewarding call of Mom and try to keep my mind somewhat kept in order as to what i should do next!

Maliya is taggin right along with me as I take care of all these duty's and she keeps a smile on my face with her make believe play. I love to listen to kids talk of little people who are there friends over to play for the day......wouldn't that be nice to talk as if these little ones are at your every beck and call....oh yes and not be put in an insane asylum!!!

So as i make this New day GREAT.... I have decided to post about my trip day by day with the pics that fit!!! There are so many to choose from and I get a little overwhelmed with the whole "how do I make this as fun as it was without bombarding you with tons and tons of pics, plus when I make this into a book I want to remember every detail so here it Begins (well after Maliya and I go pick up Bubba D from preschool) I love this little friend I call my niece and totally love her company!!! we shall return!

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