Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas bells are ringing......

They are really ringing as times grows closer to Christmas!  Every year I tell myself that I WILL make it less stressful the next year, and that year comes and goes and I find myself just as stressed out as the year before if not more!!!! Why is that!
We are all doing better and on the mend...I think!!!!  Brian is finding out that Hormones are an essential thing to keep at an elevated level in your body!!!  I am finding that if you have your Health then you really do have EVERYTHING!!!  its true....
The kids have all made their lists and the shopping is done!!  
       drum set
       new vans
Doyle- BMX Bike
       Lego set
       chocolate lab
        any thing pink
      ward christmas party 2012
  christmas pictures 2012
Kids are Healthy and Happy...We got this

Monday, December 17, 2012

15 Years ago today......

I was getting ready at my Grandmas house in Mesa with the make up I had just purchased at the nearest Walgreen's...I left mine behind the night before in Safford. I drove down with Brian his parents and my mom.  He slept at Nanny's house!!!  I remember telling him "well this is the last night we sleep alone"!!!  He smiled and winked at me....I was naive...

My friends Nicole and Wendy came over at 5:30 am that morning to help with hair and makeup and calm my jitters.

I go ready and we headed to the Temple!!   I remember standing at the bottom of the steps that lead into the Temple and looking down towards the sidewalk as Brian walked toward me!!  I was excited, scared, and most importantly...IN LOVE!!!

I love you Honey and I'm so excited we get to be together FOREVER!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hard Week......

Up and Down, Up and Down, Up and Down~
I feel tired, very tired.... I don't want to be tired....I want to be a domestic wife and happy mom.....sometimes I feel like a grouchy mom and non domestic wife...These are supposed to be some of the best years of my life...They are,they really are!!!!  
let's hope tomorrow i get some new found energy and stamina!!!  I love my kids...they put up with a lot and still love, I could learn A lot from them 
Tonight is our shop for our Secret Santa!!!  The kids are so excited bout this!!!!!  life is good!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a fresh coat of paint

I love the smell of newly painted walls!!!  It brings my senses to a high level of clean and feeling of starting over....but man does that old paint job tell a story in an of itself!!

we have started the transformation of Kaely's room!!!  She is so excited and I have to say, I am too!!!  Pics to come... so so fun

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What do you have to be stressed about

I was asked today "what do you have to be stressed about" that made me mad at first then it made me think!
My Husband
My kids
My kids whole existence
My existence
the welfare of my family
my house
the laundry
things in and around the house that are not done
the health of my family
These are all things that at times really stress me out!!!!  They make me happy, sad, excited, nervous, intimidated, over flowing with love, comforted, exhausted, giddy!  I have a slough of feelings and emotions that these things in my life bring to me on a daily basis. This is my job, my work, this is all I know!!!  and believe me I wouldn't have it any other way, but I think I'm allowed some breaking down moments!!!  It comes with having responsibilities!!!
I read this tonight and it was AMAZING!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

we r off to Flagstaff

we are having a Gardner Family reunion in Flagstaff this weekend and EVERYONE will be there!!!  We haven't been all together in a long time, this is well overdue and I cant wait!!!

Pics to com

Have a safe weekend 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dirty 6

I went to Mesa for the Dirty 6 run that my friends did and was an excellent support system
for them!! HAHAHA! we had so much fun!!!!!
Me and Cori Jensen Baker
Erin, me, Heather Bethany Amanda and Brooke

Joy and I!!!! She is adorable!!!

Thanks ladies for such a fun weekend!!! Let's do this again!!! only next time I hope to be doing
it with you!!!!

Messin around

Brynlee and I are loving these last days of school with Doyle!!
we get to spend days filled with
Ice Cream cones
snow cones
playing at the park
I Love these days

Cousin Fun

We got to have Kiersten and Hunter over for the day and we had a blast
The girls made us strawberry drinks and they all had their own
hot tub...They thought of this all by themselves
Hunter boy in his "hot tub" I love this kid
Kaely and Brynlee.. she chose skinny dipping
Cambry just being cute
Our sweet Kiersten
The Drinks....they were delish

Piano recital

This was Cambry's first year in Piano and we loved her teacher. Miss Erin was so good and the girls learned a lot from her.
Miss Erin's piano students

Brynlee and Daddy go to work

Brynlee and I went to visit Dad out on the job and daddy to her for a ride to check on the crew!!! She loved it

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My baby brother turns 30

Happy Birthday Rex!!!!
I sure love ya and hope you get spoiled rotten today
cause your in Washington
Living it up with the Bryan's and Kevin
Probably having so much fun
and missing me
You make me Happy when skies are gray!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Teenager

So our sweet Kaely Sue turned 13 on the 18th of April....Wow I can't believe how fast the time has flown!!!! She is AAAAAmazing and we love having her in our lives!!!!

She had a friend party at our house the weekend of her birthday and it was a blast!!! Hebbie and the boys even made it!!!!
Of course we can't have a party without frosting on the face!!! Way to go Hebbie

We also got to have Shelby for the weekend!!! It was a BLAST
Happy Birthday Kaely.....We love you

Happy Birthday Kaely.......13

So the last 13 years sure have been full of events.......
You were our first born, first blessed, first crawler
first walker, first talker, first to be potty trained, first daughter,first grand baby on both sides, first 25Th anniversary grand baby for Grammie
and Grandpa,
first to make my sister aunts, and my brothers Uncles
and my mom and Dad a Mimi and a Papa,
Flo a great aunt!
Me a mom
Daddy a Dad
I love everything you have taught me in these first 13 years of your life
You have taught me what it means to be a mom
To be a friend
To be the enemy
to be the rescuer
the discipliner
the most important
the most loved
the not so coolest
the coolest
the most confused
the most scared
the happiest
I love you Kaely!!

Visiting Daddy....

We got to visit daddy out on the job today!!! He needed our assistance!
Brynlee was a HuGe help to Daddy.....the truckers even
honked their horns at her
Which she thought was pretty dang sweet!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My days are filled.....

Spinning 16~18 miles 5 days a week sometimes 6 days a week on one of these bad boys...AWEsoME

With sweet conversations about SomEtHiNG important in the eyes
of my 2 year old..
filling bottles
watching HOP
Watching Hop
filling bottles
changing Diapers
making sure I eat every 2~3 hours
fixing dinners
and loving on my kiddos
Pain free
It's amazing how this stuff isn't so bad when you feel pretty good!!!
Good Luck to my sweet friend Stephanie Nielson...Here is to a speedy recovery!!! Luv u
Go Here for her amazing New Book....Heaven is Here