Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas bells are ringing......

They are really ringing as times grows closer to Christmas!  Every year I tell myself that I WILL make it less stressful the next year, and that year comes and goes and I find myself just as stressed out as the year before if not more!!!! Why is that!
We are all doing better and on the mend...I think!!!!  Brian is finding out that Hormones are an essential thing to keep at an elevated level in your body!!!  I am finding that if you have your Health then you really do have EVERYTHING!!!  its true....
The kids have all made their lists and the shopping is done!!  
       drum set
       new vans
Doyle- BMX Bike
       Lego set
       chocolate lab
        any thing pink
      ward christmas party 2012
  christmas pictures 2012
Kids are Healthy and Happy...We got this

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