Monday, December 17, 2012

15 Years ago today......

I was getting ready at my Grandmas house in Mesa with the make up I had just purchased at the nearest Walgreen's...I left mine behind the night before in Safford. I drove down with Brian his parents and my mom.  He slept at Nanny's house!!!  I remember telling him "well this is the last night we sleep alone"!!!  He smiled and winked at me....I was naive...

My friends Nicole and Wendy came over at 5:30 am that morning to help with hair and makeup and calm my jitters.

I go ready and we headed to the Temple!!   I remember standing at the bottom of the steps that lead into the Temple and looking down towards the sidewalk as Brian walked toward me!!  I was excited, scared, and most importantly...IN LOVE!!!

I love you Honey and I'm so excited we get to be together FOREVER!!!

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