Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mommy May I!!!!!.........

I just got home from the store (yep 11:00pm baby) and this little guy was still wide awake. He greeted me at the front door with a "mom your home, that didn't take too long" ( i left at 8:30) He then proceeds to help me unload the car and yes there were a ton of grocery's, then he comes in to me in the kitchen and says "mommy, may I please put the grocery's away for you" I sure hope he keeps this up, he will make some girl very very happy. I love this guy!!!! He can drive me crazy and make me melt all in a matter of seconds!!!!

Picture overload....

I couldn't decide which pics to put on of our fun weekend with Shawna's family for Syd~diddy's birthday so here are some to enjoy....k alot to enjoy!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo Shoot!!!!!!

Doyle and his friend Jack had a blast!!!!
They wanted me to take a picture of them together!!!

My New do!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

While the girls are away.......

Mom get's to love on Doyle on I want!!!! This was him while he was getting through this nasty ear infection!! Poor guy, didn't sleep at all, all night so this was his little "cat nap"!!!! He is so stinkin cute I can't get enough of him!!!!! I love you Bubba D


I was experimenting on a Birthday Banner to hang for the kids party's . I thought it turned out pretty cute!!

Our New addition!!!

Meet Gus!! This is our new little puppy and boy is he spoiled. Brian got him for Cambry's birthday so she could have a dog all her own when dad goes hunting. He is an English Pointer and we are just lovin him!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

What Next...........

we are going on a few months now of this cute little man getting out of bed all the time. We put him in bed and a few minutes later he's right back out. Well last night Brian said we were going to try not saying anything but good night to him and just keep putting him back in his bed. Well back and forth back and forth back and forth we went. HOLY CRAP kid what in the heck. I thought I was going to lose any patience I had left but I didn't say a word and just kept putting him back in bed. we I went to bed while Brian finished up some stuff and when I woke up this morning guess who was in bed with me. Yep you guessed it, YOURS TRUELY. Now what.......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still going strong.....I think

My little to do list is still working although I have let a few days laps with a little bit of "i'll do that later" but hey making up isn't as stressful as it use to be and Bubba D isn't feeling up to par so today is being spent with a child in my lap....and what a day that is :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a little preview....of what my week beheld!!!!

And what would a trip be without Funny faces, self portraits and naps

This is how this little man watches T.v or just chills. cute

Thanks Hebbie and Trevor for putting up the Trampoline and letting all the kids watch, then coming in when I wasn't even aware and snapping a picture of me sleeping!!!!

Mr. Watty....(Wyatt) turns 2!!!

We had so much fun at Wyatts birthday!!! The kids loved the new trampoline and playing with Canyon(Yellow Lab Puppy) we stayed an extra day and loved having daddy come up and bring the kids a surprise!!!!! (New Post)
Mr. Trevor strikin a pose
The famous cake

Me and Hebbie strikin a pose

His Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake

The kids did a make shift teeter totter. Wyatt loved it,

Little background behind the name Watty!! Heather found a picture that the kids had drawn and Kaely drew one for Wyatt. She colored a really cool picture and then wrote Wyatt's name on it....Watty.. We love you Watty

Keeping Perspective.....A Mission Statement

I like to read everynight while laying in bed and I found this book at the bookstore called "The power of a positive mom" It has some really good stuff in it!!! This was something that really stuck out last night!! I hope you like it and find some comfort in it, as I did!!!!

I used her outline but you fill in the blanks....

I believe I was created by God for a purpose. I believe my purpose here on earth is:_______

I believe God has created me with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that he can use to bless and enrich my family and the people around me.

My strengths include:_______.

I recognize that I also have certain weaknesses, yet I know that when I am weak, God is strong.

I trust him to do a great work in my family. My hope for my family is:___________.

She says that "Your personal statement may read differently, but it should reflect what is truly important to you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Havin Fun at Hebbies

I'll post from my trip as soon as I get back. We are enjoying the little bit of snow that's left and the fireplace smells! I love the smell of a woodburning stove and the company that Taylor AZ has to offer!!! Pics to come but I hope everyone has a wonderful break!!
Love and hugs

Friday, January 16, 2009

Here it is!!!

Clean Bedrooms
Empty ALL Garbage
Wash Kids clothes

Clean Bathrooms
Clean living/family rooms
Wash whites
Vacuum Floors
Wash darks
Clean car
Clean office

Clean Kitchen/Dining room
Wash towels
Prepare Primary lesson

Mop floors
Wash sheets
Clean fridge
Plan Menu
Grocery shopping
Lay out Sunday clothes
Prepare Church Bag

Here it is and I hope it helps. You can adjust it to what will work for you. I do empty garbage on mon. cause our trash guy comes on do what you need. Just remember that at first you have other things to do but it will get easier and my kids have to make their beds before they leave for school and make sure the dishwasher is empty before they leave. On Sunday night I also have them bring me their laundry from their rooms and bathroom and put it in the laundry room. That is a big help too. Becca put at the bottom of our lists "Just Whistle While you work"! Love you all and good luck!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh the joy!!!!

I know when I see this, that I will be sleeping single in a King size bed........

I love that he gets to go hunting with the dogs and Cheej, I just miss him tons when he is gone. Corny I know but hey, he's kinda cute and I love kissin on him just a little bit!!!!!! okay A LOT!!!

and these two are who accompany him on his journeys.....what do these 2 have that I don't.......oh yeah, the ability to flush quail out of a bush!!!

"Mom, I want to wear my (Dad) socks".....

This little boy loves everything and anything that has to do with, look like and resemble in the slightest way, his daddy!!!! He loves to wear his socks or actually Cambry's boot socks cause they go up like his dad's do. He has to wake up, get dressed down to the worker boots and all. I love it. He loves to go to work with dad and get all "dirty" He'll come in and ask me if his boots look like they have dirt on them and they are covered in dust then he'll walk around on his heels so the dust doesn't come off. He is so funny!!!!!!