Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LegoLand Dec 2008

On Friday the 26th of Dec we drove from Anaheim California down to San Diego and stayed there for 3 days. It was so much fun! We went to Legoland for the first time and the kids loved it!

They were so impressed that Everything we saw was made out of Legos

Doyle was in Heaven when he saw Bob the Builder

Chia "Bull"?

The girls loved the rides here

Doyle asked if he could build one like this at home!!! SURE

This was the rollercoaster that Doyle wasn't quite tall enough to ride until we "stuffed" his shoes with napkins (Which made the top of his head barely reach the heighth bar) He loved it and Brian said toward the end of the ride he was even putting his arms up

This is where they show you how they make the Lego's It was pretty cool to watch

They had this table with bowls built in that you could sit and make anything you wanted. Doyle loved it

Just a pic of me and Rico Suave'

Then we went into the huge Aquarium that they have!! They had everything and you could even touch some of the things there!!
An octopus. the kids loved this guy......don't ask me why?

Here we are with everything above us. It made for a neat pic

crazy picture!!!!!

in between the exhibits you could sit and watch a documentary of the sea life and Bubba D zonked out on us!!! Cute little man

I was so afraid that Cambry was going to fall in but she held her own and LOVED LOVED LOVED touching the star fish and little creepy things in here

These stingrays swam right over us and It looked so neat

This thing was just to close for comfort.....even though there was glass between us I still wanted to pee my pants

all of the things (divers, trees, etc) were made out of Legos. It was amazing

That shark made k-sue nervous too. It looks like it wants her for dinner. SHe is sweet but I DON"T THINK SO!!!!

Can-toad doing her famous toothless smile

Doyle was SO excited that we ran into Nemo here

Yeah, a SHARK!!!!

My sweet things

Bubba D checkin out that shark

Gotta love Cambry

I loved this picture of Brian and Doyle

Just one of the little friends we visited

We had so much fun!!!!

Here the kids are holding some of the not so cute things too!

I was thinking this whole time Hurry up Brian and take the &*$*%&*picture. YUCK

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