Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa sent us to Disneyland for Christmas!!!.....Yep we were good girls and boys at the cluff home ;)

Santa rang our doorbell at 2:00am christmas eve morning and told the kids to get in the car and start driving while following the GPS system that Martin his elf put in the car for us!!! He told us to leave right then and that he would call at 8:00am to check on us and give us further instructions. So we did what the letter asked and well we were all so sure we were in Washington after 3 signs and 2 licesense plates! But guess what after 9 hours of driving and driving we ended up at the Disneyland Grand Hotel. It was so much fun so here are some of the pics from that awesome christmas of 2008. We woke up in the Hotel on Christmas morning and sure enough Santa found us as promised. Christmas tree, stocking, Uncle Rex and all!!! It was a blast!! The kids didn't want to leave and neither did mom or dad;)

The kids loving the massive food at this place

Doyle was still feeling the Benedryl cocktail.... DID I Just admit that

This was the foyer at the hotel and the kids loved the massive tree!!!

Cambry thanked Santa for bringing us here and Santa replied with "well if thats what mom and dad told you, (wink) You are so welcome" Cambry then told Santa to tell Martin his elf thank you too. Little did we know that "Martin" was our bell hop!!! Who Knew!!!!

I put on my Jammies that we opened that night and Me and Rex went down to the HUGE fire place area to eat our Massive cookies ( I am not kidding, $4.00's a cookie) and our apple pie carmel apples (can you say HEAVEN)

This was the fireplace and some cutie sittin there enjoyin her IPod

My sexy bro (who by the way is single at the moment) Have your people call my people and I'll hook ya up!!! My sisters and I are very very picky though!!! We have a system down for both him and Cheej!!! Sorry just how we roll ladies

What would a get together be without the classic jumping pictures. We were on the 6th floor so i am sure this was frowned on by the lower levels

This is only 2 of like 40,000 that we took!! I love Rex!!! He is a party in a bottle!!!!

Waking up Christmas morning was so fun and early.

This is Doyle trying to get dad to figure out this AWESOME shot gun he got so that he could shootin with Brian and C.J. he was so stinking excited!!

This place had bunk beds and the kids thought this was the coolest thing. (but we didn't have to take any trips to the ER because of ours. We love you hunter and were so sorry to hear about your broken arm bud!!!)

Who says you never look your best Christmas morning!!!

Then it was breakfast with the characters first thing Christmas morning. The girls opted to go in their jammies!!! Bubba D wasn't too sure about this at first!!! It grew on him towards the end!!!

Cam-toad lovin every minute of it!!!

K-sue as stinkin cute as ever!!

Is it time to go back to bed babysitting..........what kind of place is this.......

Turk and the other monkeys....

Doyle wanted to know why they got soooooo close!!!!

Feeling a little better about this space issue........

The kids got to do the Hockey Pokey around the resteraunt with all the characters.They thought that was pretty cool!!!

Then Kaely was attacked by a dog in the park... She's fine and no we didn't have to have the dog put to sleep!!!

He kinda grows on ya!!!! We love you Pluto!!!

Here we all are waiting in line for the nemo ride. It wasnt' to bad

Lucky Dad got some pretty good luvin here. Poor kid fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got on the ride!

and woke up in a REALLY good mood!!! Is that the trick to kids not waking up grouchy!! just make sure their at the happiest place on earth!!!

The girls wanted to go on screamin since cam-toad had never been so me and Doyle we to see Bugs life!!!! I was so glad I someone to go on my favorite, non jaring, non screaming, non throwing up afterwards rides. Then during the show he freaked out and ended up in my lap screaming for me to get him out, yeah great fun. I got looked at as the worlds worst mother. If they would have had a trophy for that yours truly would have won :)

It took him a while to go another ride after Bug's Life but then we defeated Zurg and all was well after that!

Doyle and I stuck to the Merry Go Round for the duration of Disney!!!

No it['s "C" for cluff or California if you get really picky!!!

It had rained most of the morning while we were there so we were pretty wet. Even that night our pants still weren't dry!!! But the kids loved the light parade so it was okay!!!


eilsel said...

Whoops! Meant to comment on this post.

The Cluff's said...

WOW...........what fun! I am so happy you got to go on such a fun trip! Looks like it was wonderful and I know it was much needed and deserved. I know you'd been good last year :)
Such fun pictures! Love you guys! Someday maybe we can hang out?

Amber said...

Ok what could be better than Disneyland and Christmas together! Looks like alot of fun.

Farris said...

What a fun Christmas present! You (I mean Santa) did it in such a cute way, too. We miss you guys, you all look so good.