Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is REALLY working for me!!!

So on our way back from Mesa last week, Becca and I decided to write a weekly agenda on things that we were going to do on Mon, Tues, Wed and so on. And ONLY do those things plus keep up the everyday stuff like make beds and do dishes and stuff, but I'll be danged if this wasn't working for me.
Today I am washing mine and Brian's darks, thats folding and putting away, taking my car to the car wash to wash and Vacuum and Vacuum the front living room and family room. I love that every day I know that I only do these 3 extra things and then I make myself be done for the day!! It really has helped with the stress level and I know that next week there will be less to do cause this weeks stuff is all caught up. If you'd like me to post a copy of the things that Bec and I are doing on a weekly basis I will and then you can change it to what works for you. Just give it a try. And if you already do this you are amazing and I wish you all the luck!!! Love to all
Love and Hugs


Diana said...

Bring it on!!! I need help! As I sit here in a room full of clothes scattered everywhere! I am so behind! Anything that will help motivate me and get me organized. I think it has gotten so bad that I am overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

eilsel said...

Post it, PLEASE! I could use some advice.