Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keeping Perspective.....A Mission Statement

I like to read everynight while laying in bed and I found this book at the bookstore called "The power of a positive mom" It has some really good stuff in it!!! This was something that really stuck out last night!! I hope you like it and find some comfort in it, as I did!!!!

I used her outline but you fill in the blanks....

I believe I was created by God for a purpose. I believe my purpose here on earth is:_______

I believe God has created me with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that he can use to bless and enrich my family and the people around me.

My strengths include:_______.

I recognize that I also have certain weaknesses, yet I know that when I am weak, God is strong.

I trust him to do a great work in my family. My hope for my family is:___________.

She says that "Your personal statement may read differently, but it should reflect what is truly important to you.

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