Monday, January 12, 2009

What a day it was!!!

Do you ever have days where around 3 or 4 you are wondering how in the heck you are going to get through dinner, baths and bedtime........
Well today is one of those days. not for any reason in paticular but I am just plain worn out. Am I alone on this or what and if I am how in the heck do you get your second wind!!!
I can't seem to get that fire lit under my butt to save my life!!! What is a mother to do when you know that if you don't cook it's not happening and not than I am complaining, but then your 9 almost 10 year old comes in with drama behind every word and wants to bake no bake oatmeal balls, well yes I should let her but hey with the day I've had that drama is sounding like a basketball game and the Suns are winning ;) catch my drift!
Then the 6 almost 7 year old can't find the cord to her stereo that she wants to jam to high school musical with and I hear What time is it ringing in my head literally. The drama can the drama stop or give me a chance to catch my breath as I hear the both of them in the kitchen ticked cause I just asked them to unload the dishwasher and you would think I just asked to tear down and rebuild the empire state building. AND i can hear Doyle yelling at both of them that he wants to play house and he is the one that is going to be the dad and pull the family car behind his crane so he can watch it go speeder and speeder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Is it 7:45 yet oh yeah and tonight is monday so I need to come up with a family home moment. Really whose FHE really lasts an evening. love you all
Hugs and kisses


Jenny Sue said...

Oh my! How your blog just gave me grate comfort. I had a very crazy day as well. Our dinner didn't get done until 8:30 (which NEVER happens)...Your not alone. Ryan is pushing a moler, Jesse is starting a new term this week (and extreamly stressed about it..which means he is extreamly grumpy!)we got a dog on Friday for Ryan. More to help me. You know, like the nannie dog in Peter Pan. She is great...but more for me to do. I just got called to be Young wemans' secritary. I have no clue what I'm doing but have dove head first into this. Excited but overwhelmed. Dad asked me to be has book keeper today...I had to tell him no. I felt bad..but I am already so overwhelmed you know. I told him no...for now. Anyways, thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone. I love you Tif.

Amber said...

I hear you sister and I feel your pain. Know that you are not alone and we all have those days. I just wish I was closer and could help you out!

eilsel said...

Diet Vanilla Pepsi.
It will give you enough wind to answer the call, "Mooooommmmm! Can you wipe my butt?" that is coming from a five year old who should be wiping his own dang butt by now.